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How To Maximise The Value Of Every Client You Have.
People often limit their view of marketing to being the process of attracting clients to their business. But Marketing is so much more than that. 

One of the most powerful and profitable aspects of marketing is Ascension. The art of maximising the value of every client.

In this episode I walk you through how to build your own value ladder and ascend your clients. If you want to stop leaving money on the table and miximise your profit potential of your business this one is for you.
#79 How to Maximise the Value of Every Customer You Have!
The Essentials of Successful Client Ascension
Show Notes:

Have you ever heard a customer say..."I'm sorry I didn't realise you offer that service, otherwise I would have bought it from you". 

There are few things worse than knowing a client you had spent money with a competitor for a service you provide but that they were unaware of. 

When this happens it's a clear sign that the business has simply assumed that the client already knows about all the things you offer and when they are ready will ask you for them. 

I have news for you. No they don't and no they won't. 

Your customers need to be reminded (constantly) about what else you can do to help them because they will not see or hear the message until they deem it relevant to them. 

That's why building a value ladder and having a plan to ascend your clients to their highest value point is so crucial to your ability to maximise the profitability of every client you have.

Paul's Power Points.


1. Map out your value ladder - The first step to ascension is to build a framework of the steps clients can take. For example a holiday parks first step is to have a family stay with them for a holiday. Then to get them to want to come back. To make it somewhere they want to come to regularly and ultimately to purchase their own holiday cabin. 


2. Stop leaving money on the table - If you don't have a plan for how to ascend your customers there is only one thing for sure. You will be missing out on potential income. Once you have established a connection with a customer they become much more likely to buy from you again, but only if you make it clear how they can do that.

3. Active their RAS - Every human brain is wired with the same Reticular Activating System. It is the way the brain filters and manages information. It is the system that helps prevent us from becoming overwhelmed by all the possible information flying at us, and instead only see what matters to us. As marketers we need to understand that once you have solved one of your clients problems you need to communicate the next problem you can help them with. 

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