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Why Putting Your Fans First is the Fastest Way to STAND OUT!
Meet Jesse Cole, a man who believes if you want to win in business you've got to break the rules and do the exact opposite of whatever people think is normal.

Jesse a great showman and like one of his role models PT Barnum, Jesse believes that ATTENTION beats marketing 1000%. 

This episode is packed with great ideas from a man who does more than talk about the power of a fan first mentality, he lives it. His business is built on putting his customer first and creating an incredible experience for them. 

#50 Why Putting Your Fans First is the Fastest Way to Stand Out
All the things they don't teach you in business school about being successful
Show Notes:

Over 50 episodes I've had the good fortune to interview some incredible guests who have all shared some fantastic insights and wisdom and Jesse is no exception. He is the living embodiment of his message - Fans First. 

His story is not only inspiring, it's a real example of what is possible for ANY entrepreneur who is willing to do things differently. Jesse's formula for success is simply. Whatever's normal do the complete opposite. His success flows from his unwavering commitment to make it about the fan. 

His first question is never how do we make money out of this, it's how do we enhance the customer experience. And because of his obsession with the creating an incredible experience the income has followed. But he's not done yet and he continues to push the envelope and look for new ways to innovate, and he urges every business owner to do the same. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. ATTENTION beats marketing 1000%. Until they are paying attention to you, your marketing won't work. 

2. As PT Barnum the greatest showman once said, "Something terrible happens without promotion - Nothing".

3. If you were a customer to your own business would you feel compelled to tell other people you've got to work with this company?

4. What's holding you back from making more of an impact. Are you willing to go through the suck. To experience the less than perfect result so you can get to the success you want?

5. The only way you can hit a home run is to step up to the plate. The more at bats you have the more swings you take the more likely you are to hit the winning run. Don't let the fear of striking out stop you from taking a swing at your dreams.

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If you want to learn more about Jesse Cole check out his podcast and if you want to know about the Savannah Bananas you'll find everything you need HERE
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