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The Secret to Client Attraction with Paul McCarthy.
In episode 6 of the Marketers Club Podcast Paul McCarthy answers one of the most common questions he gets. What is the secrets to Client Attraction? Building a solid and consistent client attraction system is an essential part of creating a healthy business. Every business needs leads. They are the life blood of any business. The fact is when leads are low, stress levels are usually pretty high. Join Paul as he shares four simple and highly practical strategies for instantly improving your ability to attract more clients into your business.
#6 The Secret to Client Attraction
Discover how to attract all the clients you want and need.
Episode #6 Running time 19:43.
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Show Notes:

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Hey welcome to the show. Great to have you here. Now this week is a solo episode where we're going to be tackling a really common question and I get, which is what is the secret to client attraction. How do I get more quality clients coming through the door with more regularity? I mean it's something that just about every business owner wants to know how to do. I mean let's face it really is the lifeblood of our business. We've got to be able to consistently attract people and convert them into clients. What is the secret to client attraction? Well that's exactly what we're going to be tackling in this episode. But first let's cue the intro

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Welcome to the market club podcast. The show is all about helping you work smarter earn more and accelerate your success. And now here's your host Paul McCarthy

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Hello and welcome to Episode 6 of the Marketers club podcast. I am your host Paul McCarthy and I am thrilled to have you with me. Now if you're discovering the show for the first time welcome aboard. Great to have you. And of course for all those people who have already subscribed to the program in some really great numbers and thank you to all those people have done that and subscribed and also shared their feedback and thoughts I've really appreciated the warm response that the program has received so it's great to be delivering another episode for you and this one is one that uh is really I guess close to my heart because it's something that I get asked about all the time and that is client attraction.

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Can you help me with attracting more clients and after doing this work for more than 15 years working with thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs. You know I know just how important it is to have a solid and consistent system for client attraction. I mean we know that when leads are low stress levels are usually pretty high. It's a it's not easy running a small business and particularly not easy if you're not able to attract the volume of clients that you need to create the business that you want and the lifestyle that you are you're craving so this episode is really dedicated to giving you some practical strategies around some of the things that you could start doing and some of the self-examination you might want to do with your current materials and methodologies to see what you can improve on to help it help you make.

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Client attraction an easier process for your business. You know the truth is that when I stop and I look at many people's marketing materials the way they're positioning themselves what I quickly discover is that the biggest roadblock to them being able to attract the volume of clients they want is actually themselves. It is in the methodologies and the messaging that they're using that are really getting in the way for them. The fact is they've made themselves difficult to see, difficult to understand and therefore difficult to buy. And that really gets in the way of their ability to attract clients at all and certainly not in the volumes that they want. You know I think that the marketing process and by extension the selling process can be broken into two very simple components, convincing selling or discovery selling. And most people fall into the trap of trying to convince people to buy from them. Now I'm sure from your own experience that as a consumer of anything when somebody standing in front of you trying to convince you to buy from them what do you tend to do it suggests the more that they talk the less that you listen.

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The fact is none of us want to be convinced to do anything. What we need is to be. We need help to discover why you are the right solution for us how you can help us to achieve the outcomes that we want. So we have to move from a convincing mindset to a discovery mindset helping people to discover why you are the right choice for them. So what I want to do is share with you for practical strategies that you can use to really start to get to work on improving your client attraction abilities so that you make yourself much easier to buy and understand. So let's walk through these four critical components. So the first challenge that I see on the first issue that I see for so many small business owners is that they are so inconsistent with their messaging. They chop and change. They are all over the shop. They are trying to be everything to everybody. Now the issue is when you try to be everything to everyone. No one here's anything you say you people don't know what you stand for anymore.

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So therefore, they just simply don't see the messages that you are putting out in front of them. So, the first step for you to improve your ability to attract more clients is for you to start to get really consistent with the message that you're putting out into the marketplace. You know I'd like to say get on brand and stay on brand. Don't move between ideas and concepts don't shop and change between areas of expertise and certainly make sure that everything is consistent across all of the platforms and methodologies that you use. So, I mean the messaging on your website the messaging on your social media these things need to line up. They need to be speaking the same language you need to stay on the brand that you've designed and packed and not wavering from those and that's what I first see. I mean it's the same when you go to a networking event it's got to be the same in the materials you've got to be tackling the same issues and targeting the same conversations with the same people so that you can get a consistency that people can come to know that you are the go to person for this thing.

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So, the first step for you in terms of your client attraction ability is to make sure that you are clear about your brand. You're clear about the expertise that you want to be known for is what we call what do you want to be famous for. And once you've identified that's the thing and then you've got to stay on that you can't keep wavering away from it or adding something else and this is particularly common when people are struggling to attract clients they start saying yes to more and more things.

And so the broader you go the harder it is for people to understand you. So step one let's get narrow and clear about the expertise that you want to be positioned for and then stay on brand. That would be a great starting point for you to start to attract more clients underneath that banner. So step two then is once you understand you and the position you want to claim is who are you targeting understanding your audience. Is the next essential component for your client attraction.

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Again, if you're trying to attract everybody, you're not going to attract anybody, certainly not in the volumes that you want. You've probably heard the expression you know the riches are in the niches you know the tighter your niche is the easier it becomes for you to market your expertise because you can intimately know the customer that you serve you'll know them and you'll be able to talk in their language you'll be able to frame and target the pain points that they come looking for solutions to.

So the more specific you are about who you work with the easier it is to do the conversation that they will relate to very quickly and this is critical today in terms of our client attraction and when we're living in a highly competitive environment where there's more and more noise or as I heard referred to music in the world which I like that idea that it's kind of music is. There's lots of great sounds out there. It's not that let's just crash and bang but there's a lot of music being played. And so if you're going get your song heard you've got to know how to penetrate and be singing it to the right audience so get really clear on who it is that you are targeting and that you are niched in the messaging so that you are talking to that audience about the things that matter most. Now step three in terms of improving your client attraction is the design of customer centric messaging.

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So again you know as I said you know if we're in a convincing argument where we are trying to talk people in to doing business with us rather than helping them to discover what it is you can help them with well you know convincing arguments are based on you talking about yourself. And that's simply not what people want. What people are interested in is a conversation about them. You know psychologists have explored and explained for a long time that everyone's favourite subject is the same, themselves. So, for some inexplicable reason business owners have come to a conclusion that their story is somehow more interesting than their prospective buyers and that's just not the case. I mean I don't if I've ever had that experience where somebody invites you to flick through their holiday photos and there's no one in the photos that you recognize you don't know anyone else and they're flicking through and saying and here we are. He and his Uncle John and his you know Auntie Jude and here we are on this beach and here I am and it becomes incredibly boring very fast because there is no relevance to you.

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So we've got to make sure that we're not trying to do a show and tell about ourselves to our customers we're not in a convincing mode. We are looking to help them discover why this is the right choice for them. So we've got to make the conversation about them now a great exercise that you can do and one that I encourage all of the businesses that I've worked with over the years is to take what I call the WE / YOU test. So next time you're in front of a computer as you may be on the run at the moment you might be out walking the dog you might be on a train, taking some transportation, whatever it may be and not able to see your marketing collateral. But the next opportunity you get to get your brochure in front of you get your website up in front of you and just put it through the WE / You test. and it's very simple. The question is how many of the sentences in your written material begin with the word we? Now if they start with the word WE the question is who are you having a conversation about? Well of course the conversation is all about you and we want to build customer centric messaging messaging that is about our buyer.

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Which means that we need to be talking about them and starting sentences with you. What you will experience what you will find as opposed to what we do. How well we do it how long we've done it for where we are located. These conversations have to turn around because our visitor to our website our reader of our materials is not coming to read about you. They want to read about themselves. They want to learn what you can do for them not how you do what you do. And this is absolutely essential if you want to start attracting more attention from prospective clients is to turn the conversation around. So take that WE / YOU test and just see how your material stands up and I'd love for you in the comments sections. When you subscribe to shoot me a message and let me know what you discovered when you stopped and looked at that process. What most people that I work with discover is that they need to go back and do some work on the copy of their brochures on their websites because they are way too self-centred and not nearly enough customer centric communication going on.

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So, the final step that I wanted to share with you in terms of improving your client attraction ability is really the principle of sowing and reaping. You know when people come to me and say Paul can you help me with attracting more clients. My answer is yes, we certainly can. I mean if you listen to Episode 5 with one of our clients Christine, you'll know that Christine's business grew ten-fold. So, there is no problem with teaching people about client attraction. The key is that people have to be willing to change the conversation and make it more about the people they serve. If you haven't listened to Episode Five with Christine then I'd encourage you to go back it's filled with great strategies and ideas that she uh employed in the business that really helped to take the business and grow it tenfold over just a few years. So make sure you get back and um make sure there's a link in the show nights to Episode Five for you. But you know if we are clear that our job is we ask a better question right.

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When people say can you get me more clients. Well yes but let's ask a different question. What are you willing to give to get a new client? This is about you being generous with your information. It's about creating content that is really valuable to your prospective buyer information that they want to consume. Giving them a reason to connect with you that they want to learn from you that they're getting value from you and you've got to be willing to give plenty of value upfront without any expectation of them instantly buying from you. You know part of the issue is that when it comes to client attraction, we are just trying to go way too fast. We have got to give value without that expectation of instant return. And just know that we've got to develop a relationship we've got it. Sow before we can reap. I mean it's an old rule that still stands the test of time. I mean you can't sit in front of the fireplace and say Give me five. You've got to give it the wood and you're going to light it and build that to get the heat.

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So it's a process that you have to sell it first then you will reap later. But if we are simply trying to push out and convince people of who we are we are busily building all our conversations about what we do and how well we do it and how long we've done it for. We are simply going to repel the very people that we're trying to attract. So if you put your focus on making your conversations about the customer if you as the American Indian suggests step in to the shoes of your buyer and you know you don't know anyone to use walked three moons in their moccasins. So if you step into the shoes of your buyer and you look at your business from their vantage point if you ask yourself the questions that they are asking on their way to coming to seek you. What is it that draws them to you in the first place. What is the problem or challenge that they're seeking to solve that is making them look for someone in your field or industry. If you get clearer about that then you're going to start to be able to build a conversation that are gonna be magnetic that are going to attract those people.

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It's going to make it much easier for other people to share you. And they'll be more willing to share you because you are seen as that expert in that space so the clearer you get about what it is that you do. You get on brand in terms of your expertise you put up a line in the sand you say this is what I'm a specialist that you get clear about who you're targeting you know who your target audience is you know where they hurt, you know what they're interested in and you focused tightly on that niche you build messaging and materials and conversations that are about the people you serve not about you.

The person doing the serving and you make sure that your packaging and giving valuable information away not holding it behind the door and saying look I've got great stuff. And if you pay me I'll give it to you. But you are giving some real value upfront and if you're afraid to do that then you're going to put a major block between you and your ability to attract the clients that you so desperately want to bring into your world. So that is in a nutshell four simple strategies that can be absolutely game changing to your ability to start attracting the number of clients you want into your world.

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The easier you make yourself to buy by getting really clear on those factors the more clients you will begin to attract into your world. So before we wrap up this session let me also remind you if you are you hearing this podcast for the first time that we do have our marketing super conference coming up and a big focus of the super conference will be on helping you to really get clear on your expert position and finding what we call your super niche and getting you to the space where it is much easier for you to attract and convert the clients that you want. That's going be critical moving forward in a increasingly noisy or musical world that we live in that you are going to need to be able to cut through and get the attention of those prospects that you're looking for. So if you want to know more about that and how you can spend a whole day working with me on really positioning your expertise in packaging up what it is that you do you'll find all the details at the and get all the information about the conference and as we release this episode if you're really quick you will be right on the tail of the super early bird special so be able to get the best ticket pricing available for that event. It is almost sold out. So if you're quick you will be able to join me on the 18th of October here in Melbourne for our marketing super conference.

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So that's it for this episode a short sharp episode on how you can start to improve your abilities to attract more of the clients that you want into your world and into your business. So, until we speak again, I wish you nothing but the best with your business. But much more importantly with your lives until next time take care bye for now.

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