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The Definitive Guide to List Building

Your list is one of your most valuable business assets. If you don't have a database of customer and prospects, you need one. You don't want to rely on your social media channels. You want an email list that you own and control.

During the Covid-19 crisis it was the businesses with a strong list that were best place to survive. They were able to pivot their message and communicate quickly with a list of prospective buyers and customers who knew and trust them. Allowing them to continue making sales.

Nothing causes more stress in a business than a shortage of quality leads coming in. The most effective way I know to generate leads is by creating a solid List Building strategy. And this week I step you through the whole process.

#39 The Definitive Guide to List Building
How to generate a constant flow of leads for your business.
Episode #39 Running time 37:54
This episode comes with Bonus List Building Guide and Masterclass Video Training Program which you can access HERE
Show Notes:

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Paul: You know running your own business can be a lot of fun. It can be such a rewarding experience but it can also be incredibly stressful particularly if you don't have the volume of leads coming through the door that you need when you don't have enough leads then you don't generate the revenue that you need and you can't fund the lifestyle that you're after. Now one of the key reasons that people suffer a lead shortage is because they don't have a list building strategy in place. We have to have a list building strategy that's going to enable you to bring quality leads into your business consistently.

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Paul: You know my experience of working with thousands of entrepreneurs over nearly 20 years shows me that when leads a low stress levels are usually pretty high. So in this episode I'm going to work with you and show you exactly how you can build your own list building strategy how you can put it together and make sure that you're consistently attracting quality leads into your business on a daily basis. So if you don't have one in place I'm going to show you exactly how to build it step by step. If you do have some list building I'm going to show you how you can enhance the quality of that list building so you get better quality leads coming through more consistently and able to convert them into high paying clients for your business.

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Paul: So if you're on the run if you're in the car listening to this out walking the dog it might be one of those episodes that you want to come back to with some pen and paper and really take some notes because you're going to want to implement these strategies into your business. Going to walk through step by step exactly what you need to do to start building more quality leads for your business by implementing a high quality list building strategy. So before we dive into it let's cue the intro

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Warwick: Welcome to the marketers club podcast the show all about helping you work smarter earn more and accelerate your success. And now here's your host Paul McCarthy.

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Paul: So welcome to Episode 39 of the marketers club podcast I am your host Paul McCarthy and I'm here to help you market your talent so you can earn what you're worth and ultimately make more of a difference in the world. Great to have you company again for another episode and this week we're talking list building and buildings one of the most important activities that any business can do. Now when you have a gap when you don't have a list building strategy really do leave yourself in a place where you're going to experience a lot more stress and pressure because of a lead shortage in your business.

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Paul: So your list is one of your most valuable assets. It's one of the most valuable things that you can construct in your business outside of your ability to make a sale. Your list is the feeder it's the machine and you really want to create a strong list because your ability to email out and talk to an audience is still one of the most reliable sales generators that you will get. You know you don't want to have a situation where you're relying on social media channels as the source of potential sales because you don't own or control those channels.

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Paul: Anything can happen to algorithms we're already seeing that now that channels shift their algorithms and your ability to reach even those people that have asked to want to be connected to you. Very few of them only 2 3 4 percent of them potentially are seeing your organic messages because the channels are trying to push you to promote and advertise to reach even those people that have already asked to connect with you. So what we've got to have a strategy to move people off your social channels and onto your email marketing list and this is really key to your ability to create a business that's really going to become much healthier. From

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Paul: From a productivity and performance point of view certainly going to get a lot more profitable when you have a list of people that you can communicate with on an ongoing basis. Now you know a lot of clients when they first come into the markets club have what I call a lead to sale mentality that is that there they're out there in the world trying to generate stimulate a lead and then straight away are going for the sale. Now there's two big problems when you when you do this approach. The first is that you are going usually way too fast for the prospect.

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Paul: So you know if we imagine the the idea that it's a relationship if you're going into a bar and you saw somebody that was attractive to you and you walked over to them and said Okay let's get married they probably tell you to where you can go because it's way too quick. And that's essentially what so many business owners are doing because they don't have a list building strategy. They are just going for the sale straight away and as a consequence they are burning through leads leads of people who would have bought but just weren't ready to buy in that moment and the business didn't have the means to stay in touch with them to develop that relationship.

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Paul: So when you burn leads like that you really are leaving a lot of money on the table and really what you're becoming is a touchpoint for somebody else's sales process. The second big issue is of course you it's all about you when you are just going for the sale. It means that you've spent very little time understanding your prospective buyer and you spend most of your time telling them about what you can do for them. You drop into what we call convincing mode. So when you're in convincing mode you're trying to tell people you know all about you and what you can do.

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Paul: But I'm sure your experience is the same as mine when people try to convince you that you should buy for them. What do you tend to do. I suspect a like me to step back and walk away because it's too much pressure and that's not what people want to do. That's not how people want to be sold so. So what a list building strategy does is it allows people to discover why you are the right choice for them because it gives you the opportunity to offer them value and offer the massive value and build a relationship with them so that they become ready to buy from you.

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Paul: You know it was through this corona virus crisis that we've been living through is no doubt it's the people who had strong lists were the ones who were best placed to survive this challenging time because they had the ability to pivot a message and talk to an audience about what they could do to help them through that because they already had trust and a relationship with an audience that they could talk to immediately. Now we know that was true certainly in the markets club that we were able to talk to our audience and offer them access to different courses and programs with great success.

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Paul: So we were able to insulate ourselves financially from the impacts of things like the coronavirus because of the strength of the list that we have. So not having a list leaves you really vulnerable. So this episode is really about helping you to do that and what I'm going to do is step you through six phases six steps that you're going to need to take to really develop a strong list building strategy for your business. So as I said off the top if you are on the move at the moment listening to this whether you're commuting out walking doing some exercise whatever it may be that you may want to return to this with some pen and paper and take some notes so that you can implement some of these strategies.

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Paul: But I've also put together a downloadable giveaway for you. We're giving you access to a step by step guide to walk you through this as well as access to a bonus one hour video training on this very subject. So I really want you to get this list building right because I just know how important it is to your success. So uh if you're going to market as Club Academy dot com forward slash list building you'll find your ability to dive into a full list building training you'll get the downloadable guide and be able to do the one hour training the video training as well.

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Paul: And that's all there for you and it will also expose you to the mechanics that prices of a list building exercise. So I want you to do this kind of at two levels it's the middle level if you like. I'm going to show you how to do list building you join into my list and I'll walk you through you'll see the prizes actually happening as well as what I'm teaching you to do. So you be getting it at two levels so you subscribe into that list building God and training and then you'll be walk through so pay careful attention to what we're doing as well as what I'm teaching you so that you'll be able to implement this strategy into your business as well.

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Paul: It's so so vitally important that you have a list building strategy we've got to be able to consistently bring people into our world to add value to them to nurture them through a process until they are ready to buy however long that may take. You know I know I remember I used to produce a newsletter that this is when I started out in my consulting business over 15 nearly 20 years ago and I remember I used to send a monthly newsletter back in the day and I remember I got a call in my office a gentleman wanted to have a chat to me.

00:09:17:12 - 00:09:52:17
Paul: He said today you got me and I said What are you talking about. I said well the the newsletter that you sent out the headline the conversation it really struck home with me today and I am so I'd like to have a conversation when you come out and talk to us about what you can do to help our business. I went out to his office to meet with him. And when I got there he opened up a folder and he had a folder filled with all of the newsletters in newsletters that I'd been sending that he'd been printing out and putting into a folder. So it had 3 years worth of these newsletters coming out.

00:09:53:05 - 00:10:28:22
Paul: And he said You know I always enjoy them. I think they packed with value but you really just hit a chord with me. And and I was ready. So it took three years for that client to become ready now. Uh that particular client spent tens of thousands of dollars with us working on developing marketing strategies training staff and so forth. And that would never have happened if there wasn't a consistent value driven list building system in place. So we need to be able to consistently add value to people if we're going to get them to the point when they're ready to buy.

00:10:28:24 - 00:11:00:21
Paul: And that's absolutely fine. Not everybody is ready straight out of the gate but we need to be there to serve and provide value to people on an ongoing basis. So before we dive into talking about the list building strategies let's talk more broadly about your marketing communication. Well it's basically only three things that will happen when you are communicating out to the world your message will either be ignored considered or consumed. So let's work through each of them. What causes a message to be ignored.

00:11:00:23 - 00:11:32:04
Paul: Well primarily it's because it's a sell message when the message that you're driving out to an audience particularly if it's a cold audience is just a sell message. Most of those messages will be ignored by people we know that all of us have become incredibly skilled at avoiding advertising ignoring that just not placing any attention. Know we say that and with the way we watch television these days that very few people watch the live to air they record shows that so they can fast forward through the ads.

00:11:32:06 - 00:12:14:10
Paul: So if the messaging you're putting out to the world is predominantly about here's my stuff buy it. Most of those messages are going to be ignored. The second phase is considered. So when will people consider what it is. Well that's when you've moved from sell to tell when you start telling people about maybe some of the experiences that your customers are having maybe a sharing case studies you're showing some of the examples when you're telling those sorts of stories then people will start to consider that information they will start to be drawn towards that essentially become curious about that and they may consider you as a service provider when they can see some of the outcomes perhaps that you are producing.

00:12:14:18 - 00:12:49:10
Paul: So when you move to telling people about some of the things you're able to do not just the actual process but the the outcomes that are being produced you'll be able to get some people's attention they will consider you. But ultimately if you want your information to be consumed and that is the goal of all marketing it's not really of great relevance to be producing marketing content and materials that nobody is consuming. So the overarching goal of a marketer is to create consumed content. Well if you want to get people to consume what it is that you do then you've got to teach.

00:12:49:12 - 00:13:20:19
Paul: So we move from selling to telling to teaching. So when you teach your sharing your expertise your knowledge your packaging up what you know and starting to give away that content for free. You're giving people access to your information you're sharing your knowledge. And there's two ways to essentially do that. If the first level of content that you want to be getting out there is what we would call unguided content. So there's nothing that people need to do or connect with you to be able to get it.

00:13:20:21 - 00:13:53:16
Paul: So maybe you're putting out a podcast you're putting out a blog. You are producing videos that you are throwing up on YouTube. You are creating content and information you are putting social posts up. This is all information that people can just get their hands on watch and consume without any connection with you but that helps to position your expertise it helps to draw people into your world. So it's important to have good content that's there just for the purpose of attracting people towards you.

00:13:54:00 - 00:14:45:18
Paul: But then you can go deeper and you start to create content that people want to connect with. And this is where the list building strategy begins that we want to offer people access to some content that's so powerful and compelling that they are willing to exchange their name and email in return for access to this resource. So that's where we're going to start a journey is really thinking about how we can create content that's so compelling that people would want to join your list so that you have the ability to start holding a conversation with them so that the key here is that we are moving from that lead to sale mindset that I was talking about earlier that most people when they come into my world come with this lead to sell mindset that they're so busy consumed and think that their marketing is all about just trying to push out a sell message.

00:14:45:24 - 00:15:24:09
Paul: And what we teach at the market is club is that people need to develop a lead to list mindset. Your first goal your first priority is not to make the sale your first priority is to build a relationship to create a connection and get people onto your list so that you can develop that relationship over time. You can add value you can demonstrate expertise you can build trust with those people and ultimately you will end up with many many more buyers because you have invested energy and time into developing them first rather than just pushing out messages of why people should buy from you.

00:15:24:11 - 00:15:54:11
Paul: So we have been developing this lead to list mindset so let's get to work on really devising and creating your list building strategy. So step number one is that we have to identify a problem that a customer is looking to solve. What's something that a prospective buyer is wrestling with that you could help them solve. So you can't when you're doing list building you have to be targeting one specific problem. You can't be too general in your approach.

00:15:54:13 - 00:16:34:03
Paul: You have to get really into the the weeds and figure out or one issue that you can help your audience to solve. So let's imagine for a moment that maybe you're in the the health field you are a personal trainer and you're helping people to lose weight. What is a problem that somebody may have in relation to their weight loss that you could assist them with where you could offer them a lead magnet. And that they would want to consume that information well maybe it would be the fact that people maybe feel hungry all the time so how to you know suppress your hunger.

00:16:34:11 - 00:17:11:23
Paul: With our five awesome snack ideas that will keep your weight loss on track and eliminate hunger between meals. Well that might be something that people who are struggling to stay focused and not to be tempted by the sweet treats or what have you might want to download to enjoy and utilize to be able to solve that challenge that they're having. Maybe the thing is that you know since they've been in the isolation it's about some really great simple exercises that you can do without gym equipment.

00:17:11:25 - 00:17:45:26
Paul: So if you're at home and you don't have gym equipment he is you know the seven awesome exercises that you can do that help you burn maximum calories in the shortest possible time. You know our high calorie burning exercise program. So you are providing something that is solving a problem for your bar. So that's just step number one. What is a problem that you can help your buyer to solve. It's really important that. And this is a I guess a key rule for all of your marketing is that you've got to step into the shoes of your boss.

00:17:45:28 - 00:18:24:06
Paul: You've got to see the world from their vantage point. This is not about you talking about you or what you do. This is about you helping to solve a problem you know that your audience struggles with that if you presented them with the opportunity to get a resource some idea some information on how to tackle that issue. It moves them another step closer to being able to achieve the outcomes that they're looking for. So the starting point always with your list building strategy is that you must find and target a specific problem one problem that you're helping your audience to overcome.

00:18:24:13 - 00:18:54:13
Paul: So if you're struggling to think of a specific pain or problem that you can help your audience solve there's a couple of ways to figure it out. One is that you can speak to your existing customer base. You can start asking Is this something that they're wrestling with something that they would like to know a little bit more about a problem that you can help them solve. You can go and start joining groups and get into the onto a social channel and network and start to look at the sorts of problems or issues that people are posting.

00:18:54:15 - 00:19:38:03
Paul: You can even go and look at competitors and see what people are saying there about things that have helped them things that they've been struggling to figure out that they were able to solve. And that gives you the clues it shows you where the gaps are. And that's what we're looking for you're looking for little gaps between what people know and what they need to know. Gaps between where they are and where they'd like to be and what's preventing them from moving that. So it's not about giving them all of the answers is about showing one area that has been a challenge for them that when you solve that for them when you meaningfully give them solutions to that problem it demonstrates that you know what you're talking about and you can help them progress forward.

00:19:38:16 - 00:20:10:16
Paul: So that's our first starting point say again if you've had the chance to stop and you've got pen and paper. What I'd encourage you to do are you sitting with your phone you can make some notes. Is to actually make a list what are some of these problems one of the things that I could share that people are wrestling with that I could give them a few tips and really help them to move past this particular issue that they're facing so that's a starting point. So now that you've identified the problem that you want to help solve now it's about packaging up your information.

00:20:10:18 - 00:20:41:10
Paul: What's your solution. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. So there's a couple of things we need to think about here. What's going to be the easiest format for you to present this information and what's the easiest way for you to do it. And an easy way for your audience to consume that information. So you might be comfortable just writing out the answers maybe if it's as we're suggesting recipes that can help people to avoid feeling hungry and snacking on the wrong things.

00:20:41:12 - 00:21:17:20
Paul: Well here's these cool recipes or snack ideas for you to follow. Maybe it's a shopping list then I can take shopping so that I keeps me on track and I know exactly the ingredients that I'm going to need to collect when I get to the supermarket. So that might be in a written format and that's often the easiest one for you to put together. So if you're just simply putting together a word document and then your PDA effing that documents are locking it as a PDA and then going to make that available to people or you might feel more comfortable or find it easier if somebody did an interview with you.

00:21:17:29 - 00:21:53:23
Paul: So if you recorded an interview maybe jump on a zoom and a person asks you some questions and you recorded that maybe you'd be happier to do it as a webinar where you're doing a presentation you know with so many people jumping on platforms like Zoom recently there is a webinar feature there where you can record a presentation and create an educational webinar about how to do it. If you're comfortable in front of video and maybe if you again if you're a personal trainer you wanted to shoot you doing these simple exercises that you can do at home in isolation when you don't have access to a gym.

00:21:53:25 - 00:22:35:14
Paul: He is some high calorie burning exercises that you can do and you are demonstrating those exercises how you're going to record videos. So the first thing is to think about what am I going to communicate what's the information I want to share. What's my solution. We've got to extract that information so we get your expertise and the second part is in what format will I put it in. So if you're putting it into a PDA document which is quick and easy to do then the PDA is going to be uploaded into something like a Google Doc into your Google Drive so that people can click on a link in an email and open and get access to that document.

00:22:35:27 - 00:23:06:22
Paul: If you're doing things like a video then you're going to need your videos to be hosted. So you're gonna have to upload them to youtube channel or somewhere like a Vimeo or into Amazon has three. You're gonna have to find a platform to host the video. So the videos have to live somewhere as well as be visible on a page. So we need to figure out what's the quickest easiest thing for you. And without that the quickest thing that you can do is simply a word document that you like as a PDA.

00:23:06:26 - 00:23:44:11
Paul: If you're giving people that written information. Now we want to make sure that it looks well laid out and attractive for people. But the key is that they're getting the information they need to solve their challenge and helping to create a connection between you and them. So the second step is to think about the way you're going to package up your information identify what's quickest and easiest for you and going to be easy and make sense for your audience to consume. So once you've identified a problem and now you've package up your answer and solution for your audience the next step is how do we deliver it.

00:23:45:02 - 00:24:24:25
Paul: So the third step in building a list building strategy is that we need to create a landing page now landing pages no more than a web page that has only one single focus and that is to get the person to consume the piece of content that you've created for them. So unlike other Web pages where there may be lots of different information and things on a landing page there is only one thing to do and that is to download the lead magnet that you have created so you can use a web page inside if you have for example a wordpress Web site you could add a page there.

00:24:24:27 - 00:24:59:11
Paul: But the easiest thing I think to do is to use a page builder. And the one of the page builders that have been really effective something that we've used for many many years is lead pages. So I'll make sure that there's a link to lead pages in the show nights as well as in the special guide that we're providing you with the step by step. But you can do a free trial with lead pages but what lead pages allows you to do is they are a purpose built landing page build up so they have the template there for you fill it fill in the gaps basically just simply drop in the information.

00:24:59:13 - 00:25:54:14
Paul: But let's talk about the elements that go into a great landing page. Number one we've got to have a compelling title or headline for the thing that we're offering. It's got to be really interesting it's got to draw the person in. I got to go. I've got to want to have that. So we got to make sure we've got a compelling title that's telling them you know when you get this great resource and it's going to help you to create these outcomes is gonna solve this problem is gonna make this part of your life so much easier now maybe be a little bit of copy on the page not too much you might have a few bullet points that highlight the key benefits or things they're going to get out of that might have an image and you might want to get an image of the resource so for example we were doing a guide we might want to create a look of a book cover that sits there as this downloadable or cheat sheet we want to give it a look and make it look really good.

00:25:54:16 - 00:26:29:06
Paul: Now what I'm going to do is include for you in the special God that we're providing with this episode we're gonna give you links to tools that allow you to really quickly build cool looking covers for your resources that are absolutely free. So I'm going to put all of the links in the guide for you. So make sure you pop over to marketers Club Academy forward slash list building to grab that God and the bonus training them. Now if we pay attention to the page that we're building we create a nice landing page with an awesome headline.

00:26:29:08 - 00:27:16:22
Paul: The other part to the page is the opt in button. So I would suggest that you do a two step opt in. That is that there is a button sitting on the page that says yeah give me this awesome resource now. And when the person clicks on that it opens a pop up shop it opens up the box for them to put in their name and their email. Now the reason that that helps is because once somebody is clicked on a button they've already made a movement towards getting what it is that you want. You do have the option just to have the opt in box straight there where it's visible on the page and they can fill in and do that but show that you get better opt in rights when you do a two step opt in that is there is a button to press that says yeah give me the thing and then it opens a box where there's only one step left to do which is put in their name and email.

00:27:16:24 - 00:27:46:24
Paul: Now you don't need to worry about how to make all that happen because in a let landing page build a like lead pages all of that's figured out for you it's all there. Very easy to do but that would be the recommendation to do a two step opt in on your landing page to make that work. The fourth piece of the puzzle here is there's another page that follows after somebody obscene. Again that's all taken care of in terms of your page builder and that is called the thank you Page.

00:27:46:26 - 00:28:34:09
Paul: So as soon as somebody registers and says yes give me the resource they get redirected to a thank you page is a really important page it's a page where you get the chance to deepen a relationship as well as to acknowledge that the thing the resource that people have requested is on the way. And that's very important the very first thing you want to make sure you do. Always on a thank you page is acknowledged that the thing that's been requested is on the way. But once you've done that when you've let the person know that that awesome resource is on its way to their inbox now we can have another conversation with them so you can use your thank you page as a chance to maybe ask one more question to understand what is it that's brought people to the page why did they need that resource.

00:28:34:11 - 00:29:07:26
Paul: What have they been struggling with in your area or field of expertise. But thank you. Page is a really important page and a great opportunity to deepen the relationship a great opportunity to learn one more thing about this prospective customer which later can be used from our point of view of being out of a segment your communication and make sure you deliver really relevant content to them about the thing that they're struggling with and wrestling with. So we're going to make sure that we utilize these opportunities well to maximize our connection add as much value as possible.

00:29:07:28 - 00:29:38:15
Paul: So thank you. Page is the next page in the process. Now step five of your list doing strategy now requires a different connection to a different piece of software and that is what we call your CRM your customer relationship management system. This is your e mailing system. So any page builder like lead pages will link in it will integrate with your e mailing system. So if you don't have an email system then you're definitely going to need to get one.

00:29:38:20 - 00:30:09:23
Paul: The way that email systems work they all work pretty much the same and that is that you are charged for a emailing system based on the number of people on your list. Now many of the email marketing systems available won't charge you for a small list so you might be able to get up to 500 people and not have to pay you might be able to get a free version. So things like MailChimp often offer a free level to get you in and get you started. And then as your list grows then there will be fees attached to doing it.

00:30:10:06 - 00:30:49:29
Paul: But what your email marketing system needs to be able to do for you is two things One it allows you to send what we call a broadcast email out to people. So our broadcast is that you are sending just a an email out to a group of people that you are choosing to send and target that group of people from inside your list your email marketing system should also allow you to do automated emails so emails that happen on autopilot where you can build a campaign of emails and they are triggered and sent out to people. Once someone has taken an action so for example if I have requested a copy of your lead magnet I've gone to your landing page grabbed your awesome resource.

00:30:50:01 - 00:31:31:08
Paul: Now I'm in potentially an automated campaign a campaign that's going to deliver that first resource to me but then potentially start to talk to me and communicate a whole range of value based ads that you can give to me over that over the journey. So we're not gonna focus on the email marketing campaign we'll do that in another episode but for now it's about I'd need an email marketing system to deliver the messages form and you're also within email marketing system have the ability to segment your messaging and that's a really important part of more advanced marketing is your ability to tag or label somebody in a certain way.

00:31:31:10 - 00:32:02:04
Paul: So you know that you can send them information that's highly relevant and targeted to them based on how they've come into your world the challenges they're facing. So in my world for example it's very different conversation if I'm talking to somebody who's brand new in business starting as an entrepreneur. Just getting something off the ground is a different conversation to somebody who's running a 10 million dollar business with you know 80 staff and has a whole bunch of other challenges in place.

00:32:02:06 - 00:32:32:27
Paul: So we need to be able to say our audiences as well. That's what a good CRM customer relationship management and emailing marketing system will be able to do for you. Now the sixth and final step in your list building campaign is the delivery of your first email. So after somebody has requested or consumed that uh first resource that you've offered to them we've got to deliver it to them and you're sending them an email to give them access to that.

00:32:33:00 - 00:33:05:05
Paul: Now this email is perhaps the most important email that you ever write because it's an email that will get the most attention when somebody has requested something. They're then waiting for it to arrive. So they're paying attention and they're looking for it. So this is your opportunity to really build a connection with people to let them know what they've entered into that they've come to the right place that you can support them and that you can continue to add value to them. So producing a really great first email is critical.

00:33:05:07 - 00:33:39:12
Paul: So again inside the special God that we've put together for this list building is I'm giving you a sample of a great welcome email as well as the fact that you're going to enroll into the program with me. So you're going to see an email come to you. So you're gonna get to lots if you like where you're gonna get the double whammy of saying exactly how to craft and construct your first welcome email. So there you have it. There are six components to your list building strategy. We've got to be really clear about first a problem that we're targeting.

00:33:39:14 - 00:34:14:24
Paul: What's an issue or challenge that our market is facing that we can help them to solve. We then have to decide how we want to package up the solution what's the right way the simplest way for you to put together the content any information what makes the most sense in terms of the way it's gonna be consumed or what you've got to communicate to your audience so should it be a written document that's wrapped up as a PDA. Should it be in a video format. Should it be an interview. Should it be a webinar. There are so many ways that you can format the information but start with whatever is simplest and easiest for you to manage. We're

00:34:14:26 - 00:34:51:15
Paul: We're going to need to create a landing page a landing page that has a compelling headline and tied or a promise that's being made a visual image of what it is that's being offered a few bullet points a little bit of copy and then I opt in button so that you do a two step opt in where they click on a button opens up a pop up and then they register and say yes please give me this awesome resource they're gonna be directed to a thank you page that acknowledges that the thing they've asked for is on its way to them right now and it's your chance now to cement the relationships that add some more value.

00:34:51:21 - 00:35:33:12
Paul: Let them know who you are and what you do. And then we are going to link that to our CRM to our email marketing system that gets triggered to know to send that person the email that you want sent to them. They get the email and that's your sixth and final step is an awesome welcome email that lets them know that they've come to the right place and that you're here to help them. Now it's easy to see why people will sidestep doing a list building strategy because it takes work but the reality is if you want to be truly successful you've got to do the work in the right areas and having a solid list building strategy is just so critical to your business success.

00:35:33:15 - 00:36:07:01
Paul: We must be building a database a database of leads and contexts that we own and control. We can't be just going from day to day in a kind of rollercoaster way hoping to bump into a lead. We need a strategy in place that is bringing leads into your business every single day. Even when you're asleep it's happening for you. There are leads being generated because people are consuming the content that you've put together and offered to them for nothing. So these are really powerful tools tools that can be game changers for your business. I've

00:36:07:03 - 00:36:45:08
Paul: I've watched so many of my clients transform their businesses because they put a quality list building strategy in place. So we're giving you the full template of how to do it. So again go to the marketers Club Academy forward slash list building to grab the free training program to get your full guide and that's going to help you to put your all this building plan together and get it out. And what I really love you to do is then to share with me some of the outcomes that you get from doing that let me know how it guys you can grab me on social and I'm putting a post in our in our Facebook group.

00:36:45:10 - 00:37:37:07
Paul: Catch me on LinkedIn or on Twitter let me know how you're going with that. So I'd be really keen to to hear how you go with your list building strategy. So I hope you enjoyed this episode and I look forward to joining you got some really great guests coming up over the coming weeks that I think you're gonna find really interesting and valuable thanks to those that have been taking the time to let me know how you're enjoying the program and how much you're getting out of it. I really appreciate that. If you haven't subscribed please subscribe to the program and really appreciate it if you can leave comments and leave a review that really helps the show to be found by others and more entrepreneurs out there as well. So until we catch up next time I wish you all the very very best of luck with your businesses. But much much more importantly with your lives take a bye for now.

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