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The Art of No Pressure Selling
If you want to improve your sales conversion I have good news, you don't need to become a pushy or manipulative salesperson to do. In fact, today, the more you push the less likely you are to succeed. 

Nobody likes being SOLD to. But we do like people to help us make sound decision and buy the things we want and need. 

Your job is not to convince someone to buy from you. Your job is to help them discover why you are the best choice. That starts with a mindset of service. In this episode we explore the art of No Pressure Selling. How to sell what you offer without ever being pushy!
#67 The Art of No Pressure Selling
How to Win More Sales Without Ever Being Pushy
Show Notes:

For many people selling is a dirty word. The reason is because they see it as a process of manipulation or pushing people to buy something they don't want or need. If this is your view of selling, then it's understandable why you would not want to be associated with such a negative stereotype.

But good selling doesn't require you to be pushy, it requires you to be empathetic. You don't need to develop the 'gift of the gab', you need to learn to listen more than you talk.

And you certainly don't need to trick, con, or cajole anyone. In this episode we walk through three fundamental skills you need to develop to sell more without pressure. If you want to feel good about the sales process you follow, this episode will help you master some of the essential skills required.

Paul's Power Points.


1. Rapport Building - While many people will feel like rapport building is a skill they possess developing the art of professional rapport building requires you to pay attention to the words you use, pitch, tone, pacing and body language. 

2. Find the Need - One of the keys to No Pressure Selling is the one simple rule. If there is no need there is no sale. Identifying if there is a genuine need and that you have the product or service that is appropriate to help solve your prospects problems is the launch point for a sale. Being able to find your prospects need comes down to one thing - the quality of the questions you as. 


3. Manage Objections - One thing that often derails the sales process are objections. These are what we call the 'Yes But' questions. Part of the sales process is to resolve any and all of your customers questions and concerns, so they can move forward with confidence. 

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