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How to Get Your Business Found Online (The Secrets to SEO)
Increasingly people are searching for the things they want online. So, how do you ensure that when people are looking for the service you offer you come up in their search? 

This week we explore the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

SEO can often be a complex, confusing and often costly exercise. If you don't know what you are doing you can waste a truck load of money and see little results. 

So, this week we speak to an expert in the space to understand the how to make it work. 
#78. How to Get Your Business FOund Online
The Secrets to doing SEO successfully
Show Notes:

Every day people are searching for someone like you to help them. They are looking for a provider they can trust to deliver the services or products they need. 

The only question is when they type their various search terms into Google or any search engine, will they find you? 

In this week's episode we explore the often confusing world of SEO. I wanted to understand what it really takes to rank well and the most cost effective ways to achieve a top ranking. 

My guest Paul Harrison reveals some great tips and tricks to help you be the business that appears at the top of the page when your prospective customer goes looking for what you do. 

Paul's Power Points.

Make sure your website is properly optimised BEFORE you spend ANY MONEY on SEO. This means you are offering a great customer experience.

1. A visitor needs to be able to identify your core service within 5 seconds of being on your site.

2. The copy must be well written and customer focused.

3. Your site needs to load quickly on all devices.

4. It needs to be mobile responsive.

5. Your images are both unique (avoid stock images) and properly labelled so Google can recognise them.

Avoid doing things like keyword stuffing your site, something Google frowns on and will potentially cause your site to be black listed. 

Like to learn more about Paul Harrison? You'll find everything you need to know on his website HERE
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