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The Ultimate Guide to
Facebook Advertising!
Have you ever run a Facebook Ad, paid for a click, or boosted a post? If you've ever tried to generate leads or revenue from the FB platform you'll know it's not as simple as just investing a few dollars in running an ad and watching the sales roll in!

Every day millions of dollars are spent on the platform in the hope of generating a lead, making a sale or building influence. To make money on FB you need to understand the rules and my guest this week is one of the world's leading experts in the art and science of succeeding on Facebook. 

Bob Regnerus is the co-author of the 4th Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising and in this episode, he shares the FASTEST ways to succeed and FAIL with the world's most powerful social media platform. 
#63 The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising
Discover the fastest ways to succeed and the big mistakes to avoid on FB.
Show Notes:

I have worked with thousands of entreprenerus and at some stage almost all of them have invested money into social media advertising. Their results have been mixed. If you think FB is the place you go for quick wins, think again.

Like any marketing environment Facebook requires a test and measure mentality. The challenge for a for many small business owners is with little understanding of how the platform really works all those tests can be costly. 

So, I've asked one of the world's leading experts on FB Advertising Bob Regnerus to join me and share the secrets to getting it right. In this episode he shares practical ideas about how to generate quick wins and the most common mistakes to avoid. 

If you want to learn how to use Facebook to grow your business, income or influence, this episode is for you! 

Paul's Power Points.


1. The first place people should be starting is by retargeting traffic they already get. 

2. Success starts by getting a really clear picture of who your ideal buyer is. The fuzzier your picture the less likely you are to succeed and the more likely you are to waste money. 

3. The ultimate shortcut to success with Facebook ads is to create a look-a-like audience based on your existing database. 

4. To retarget your audience you first need to set up a FB Ad account and then paste your Facebook pixel into the header of every webpage you own. 

Like to learn more about Bob Regnerus or grab a copy of his book The Ultimate Guide to Facbook Advertising? You'll find everything you need on his website HERE
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