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How to Drive Online Traffic with Brad Hauck.

Your website is one of your businesses most important marketing assets, but knowing how to drive traffic to your site can be a confusing and costly exercise. Brad is one of Australia's leading digital marketing experts. He has helped his clients to sell over a Billion Dollars worth of products and services online. He is also a master at helping simplify the digital marketing process for business owners and provides practical  Jargon Free advice.

#4 How to Drive Online Traffic
Discover how to be found online and covert more leads into sales
Episode #4 Running time 46:00
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Pau: As business owners today, we understand how important digital marketing is to the success of our business. We want to be found on the first page of Google when people search for something that's relevant to our businesses. We want to be able to drive more online sales. We want to be able to attract customers to our websites. But with so many people telling us about how to do that making guarantees and promises about being found on first pages, it can be completely overwhelming and confusing about what to do and where to start.

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Pau: So for this episode I've asked one of Australia's leading digital marketing experts Mr Web Marketing himself Brad Hauck to join me and share with you some simple, practical strategies that you can apply straightaway to your business. To cut through this confusion and noise and really get down to the brass tacks of what you need to do to be successful online. Things that aren't going to cost you a fortune to do, but you know are going to start to deliver a positive return on investment. And that's what it's all about making sure that the energy, time and money that you invest into any aspect of your marketing delivers an outcome that helps you to grow your business.  Now Brad was a feature of our 2018 marketing super conference, he did a fantastic job and shared some incredible insights and at the end of this episode I'm going to share with you how you can get hold of the recording from last year's event, but talking about the marketing super conference I also want to invite you to join me at the 2019 marketing Super Conference in Melbourne on Friday the 18th of October. This year we're changing out and only helping you to press go on claiming your expert position it's becoming increasingly important both online and off that you have really clarified your niche and claimed your expert position in your field or industry.

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Pau: So the 2019 marketing super conference is dedicated to helping you to get that really firing to really get clear on your positioning so that you can attract more customers into your world. So to learn all about the marketing Super Conference and how you can be part of that you simply go to You'll find all the information you need there. And right now there's the super early bird pricing so it's really affordable to be able to get along and spend a day working on your expert positioning so I really hope that you will take the time to look at that and join me at the marketing super conference. It's a great day you'll be able to collaborate and work with a whole bunch of really switched on entrepreneurs and we will work to help you claim your expert position. Now that's to join us for the conference. But enough of that. Let's talk about how we can start to really win on digital and get into this session with Brad today. But first let's cue the intro

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War: Welcome to the Marketers Club podcast. The show all about helping you work smarter earn more and accelerate your success. And now here's your host Paul McCarthy

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Pau: So welcome to the show. Hi I'm Paul McCarthy. I appreciate you joining me. I am here to help you market your talent, to earn what you are worth and ultimately make more of a difference in the world. And our guest today Brad Hauck is here to help you know how to do that more efficiently and effectively online. Big part of being successful in business is your digital markings are thrilled to have Brad joining us today to share with you some insights on how you do that. I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. Let's dive into our call with Brad. Hey Brad welcome to the market podcast. Fantastic to have you here. Thank you for joining me today.

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Bra: It's good to be here. Always nice to catch up and have a chat.

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Pau: Well mate you were a huge hit for our members and clients when you spoke at our marketing super conference last year. Ours is a super keen to get you on the line. The impact the information you shared the value that that everybody got. Hundreds of people really constantly scribbling notes and taking in all that they could from from what you were sharing so I was keen to a dive into this conversation about you know how we can drive more traffic from the search engines how we can get more traffic coming to us online. It's a big part of success for small business but maybe before we dive in for those that weren't fortunate enough to see you at the Super Conference or haven't met you don't know you maybe just give us a quick thumbnail in terms of the Brad Hauck story and how they ended up doing what you're doing.

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Bra: Yeah. Well I suppose officially I started online and around 1994 I was actually doing my master's thesis for education on how people search online. And got me interested in the Internet and how search engines work and how people interacted with them and all those sorts of things. And from there I was actually working with schools at that time running courses on how to use computers. And I realized that teachers didn't really know how to use computers. This is back in the really early days. You know there was a lot of dos based computers on Windows 95 was around but not well known in schools etc.. So I started writing books on how to actually use computers and I was selling them to a publisher and it was going really well. We were selling lots and lots of books to schools and they were really well received but we came to a point where there was a little bit of a disagreement and because I'd been doing the work online you know a fair bit about the Internet by then I decided well what the heck I'm going to take this online and I'll set up a website and see if I can sell some to teachers over the Internet. So I did that and I started selling my books mainly into the American market but everything on the internet in those days was really really basic.

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Bra: So no one really knew what they were doing it was all kind of test and see. So you had to learn everything yourself and search engines and directories were really in their infancy. So as the Internet grew so did my learning because I wanted to sell more and more books. And I mean it was great pleasure. When you wake up one morning and you'd find you sold a book you slept so that that old adage of you make money while you sleep came true for me, but it also meant that I had a lot of work to do while I was awake because I had to make sure she showed up Anyway that went on and I did a few other websites and eventually a few people said to me hey we have a business and we're looking at this Internet thing. Do you think you could help us you know make our website show up in the search engines. So I started doing that and I started a SEO company and I eventually grew that quite a large company 150 clients or more multinational companies as well as small local businesses. I got a lot of experience across a really diverse range of businesses with SEO. Eventually I sold that and I did a lot of training work in this area but in that time I've kept selling online myself. So everything that I teach or that I help people with is based in experience. So I don't teach anything that I know doesn't work or that's just a fad. I eventually started a new company under my speaking name I'm kind of known as Mr. Webb marketing and so MWD digital does SEO Adwords and online marketing for companies. So we take care of digital marketing and we also provide advice. So is basically I suppose in a nutshell where I came from.

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Pau: I know that you do great work. You've worked with a number of clients people that are in my world. And that always raving about the results you produce and that is the thing I always want to be exposing the audience to people that I know that they can trust that are going do good work because it's certainly in this space when we're talking about a SEO and and being able to create an online traffic and so forth. There's plenty of people out there that are going to take your money and not necessarily deliver many great results so knowing who to follow who to trust is a big part of the journey so let's have a chat about how we can do this. Let's imagine sort of relatively new in business. I've got my website set up but it's not really being found and I want to start driving in a bit of digital traffic I want to get some leads coming in from online so where do we start what. What's the  first things we need to start thinking about when we dive into this whole space.

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Bra: The first is if you've already got a website and you've already got a domain then that puts you kind of in one camp. If you don't have a website in the domain that puts you in a second position. So the first thing I'd say there is if you don't already own a domain try and buy a domain with your keyword in it. So if you're a plumber a domain with the word plumber in it. So say you know gold coast plumber is actually going to rank better. Even though people say that in Australia it most definitely ranks better than Joe's. Joe's incorporated or something like that. So that's the first thing I'd look at. If you've already got a domain that's fine. It's not a major hindrance but if you want to do one little thing that can help you buying the right domain is a good trick. And as I said in Australia that still works really really well from a ranking perspective.

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Bra: But when I first look at any website for a client the first thing I look at is where best they are in the search engines what areas they're showing up and where I can already find them. So when we look at the home page of Google it's kind of three main parts. The first part is the ads at the top so the first three positions generally are advertising so you can actually buy an ad and show up there and that's known as Google ads used to be called Google AdWords. Then we generally have a map and we have three or so listings beside the map. And if you click on the map you go into more listings of business listings and that's known as Google my business or GMV. And then we have what's known as the organic search results and this is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you make your sites show up. So three key areas you've got to be thinking about and so from that perspective my thoughts are you really need to cover all three. So you need to be running some advertising even if it's only 10 to 20 dollars a day.

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Bra: You need to do a google my business listing which is completely free. There's no problems there. And you need to apply SEO on your Web site. The first step is looking at your website. There are certain things we can do to make a website show up better in the search engines. The main first step is that every page has a tag which is known as the title tag and every page has a tag known as a description tag. And we need to fill those out in those we need to use the keywords for what we want to be found for. So if you're a plumber then you need to say you're a plumber and if you service the Gold Coast then you need to service the Gold Coast. If you're in Melbourne and you are only service St Kilda believe is a suburb down their. Then you can put in a plumber, St Kilda because you don't want to try and get the whole Melbourne. Obviously the competition is very very high but if you service St.Kilda showing up for number one in that area is going to bring you business in your local area. So. That's the first real step is is going through your website and making sure that every page every post has a title and description.

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Pau: Is the title and description Brad just those things like So when you say you know if we're using plumber as an example say a plumber and location as the two things or with the titles and descriptions vary from page to page would it be the same things kind of covering through the pages. What sort of any any variance is there on the pages that people should be thinking about.

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Bra: Good question. Yeah. Look every title and descriptions would be different so the title is a short number of characters around 60 characters 65 characters, so we can put a lot in a title and then the description you have around 160 characters so you can put a couple of sentences in there that describes what you do so when you're actually looking at the results on the search engines what you see is the title of the page is the link at the top then you see the page name and then you see the description tag. If you don't feel anything at Google will take something from your page and make it up for you. But this is kind of you once you tell Google what you want it to show about your business. So in the description you've got room for a couple of sentences in there you can you can talk about a little business a bit. So rather than putting the name of your business in the title use the description area you can say you know Joe's plumbing provides emergency 24 hour plumbing in the St Kilda area. We also do list three or four things that you do. So there is an option there. Now each page on your website is different. So for example you might have a contact page your title actually needs to say know contact you know St Kilda plumber that sort of thing. And then underneath you know contact us at this time this number through our form whatever. So each page has to be slightly different when you go through the SEO process because Google does not like duplication in any way or form. It doesn't matter whether its contents titles descriptions don't ever duplicate anything. Always go for originality.

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Pau: So across your titles the descriptions and your pages. We don't want to just be mirroring things and plastering and having 20 of them on that on there because I mean you're gonna get punished the other way before we may follow or if you're gonna touch on this then the roll into into it now we often hear people telling us that we've you know we've got to get the right keywords and find these words. You've touched on a couple that are one being you know the thing that you do and the other may be your location is there other tricks to helping people find the keywords that they need for their particular business. So how do you encourage clients to figure out what keywords they should be using.

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Bra: This is an interesting one. I'm really kind of blunt and boring on this one to be honest with you. I believe that people put too much time into worrying about keywords. Realistically you already know what people search for to find a business like yours because it's the language your clients use when they talk to you. You know if I'm looking for a plumber I'm not going to type in. I need a pipe Inspector I need a plumber. Okay so your keyword is plumber. If you're an accountant your keyword is accountant. Now you might be a specialist accountant so you can say business accountant or forensic accountant but you're an accountant. People spend too much time worrying about keywords where collecting a big list keywords is useful is when you produce content to go into your site so your home page is really the first page that Google indexes. It's the first page that shows up in the results generally. And so that page should be focused on the major keyword. And if you're in a geographic area. Second some companies are Australia wide. So therefore a geographic area is not necessary. But if you're in St Kilda and you're targeting St Kilda then you know use St Kilda don't try and use Melbourne it's just too big an area and it's not realistic to try and target that through SEO. So where you do go and do research so for example you can put in your keyword and it will bring back a list of questions and variations on your keyword is where you go to produce content from your website so if you're writing a blog post you might write a blog post about you know what are the seven things you look for in a good business accountant so you can you can use that. The longer tail keywords the ones that have more keywords in them in the production of content, but for the SEO of your main site you should be completely focused on the main keywords that people look for you with. So this is not really a lot of research needs to be done for that. It's only when you start to expand out.

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Pau: Fantastic. I'm just try to make it clear and I think that's good advice. I think there's often areas that we people get hung up trying to find the perfect word or the perfect thing and not actually getting stuff done. Happy to here we can just move on so what's our next step.

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Bra: So our next step and really important step is to go to Google my business sign in using a gmail account and create a listing for your website. Now. Everything on Google is tied to a gmail account so if you don't already have one that's fine. Make one for your business because you'll use the same log in for analytics for data for AdWords for running ads. For Google my business for putting YouTube videos up on your business page you know they're all tied together that one email account so I recommend people set up one specifically for all their Google marketing side of their business and that way if you have to have someone say like me who can come in and do work for you access I don't have to access all your email and everything else it is kind of a little bit more private but go to Google my business sign up for listing. It's done by your address. Now sometimes people run businesses from home that is quite a common thing these days to have a home office. It doesn't mean you can't have a Google my business listing but it does mean you have to put your address down. Some people kind of say well I don't my address showing.

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Bra: Well that's fine. You can just say you service a certain area so you can say this is my address but I service a 100 kilometre radius from that and Google won't show your actual address. I will just show that you're in that area and that you service that area. But the reason you have to have a physical address is Google verifies that your business is real by actually sending you a postcard and that postcard has a code on it and you have to put that code in as a verification code. So go to Google my business and fill in the business listing that means putting in the name of the business your address your contact details your opening hours adding photos logos all those sorts of things make sure all of it is done. The more complete your listing is the better your chances of ranking in the top three on the maps. Once you've verified your business and you are live in the GMV listings. Then what you really need to do if you want a guarantee you're going to show up higher than your competitors is starting get reviews. So we've all seen google reviews. They're really common these days. But you can actually send people to you GMV listing and get them to review business.

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Bra: And the best way to do that is actually to send an email to a few clients and ask them to go and do it. Don't just assume people are going to do it they want because they just don't have time and they don't remember. You need to really ask people as part of your sales process after when you follow up after you've sold to a person whether it be a service or product and request that they go and review you. So your review helps you in the organic results GMV listing is on the map. So that's the first two steps that I would take. Now one thing about the GMV listings is they are becoming more and more powerful. Google's putting more and more effort into them. They're integrating things like booking scripts so hairdressers can already take bookings for hairdressing appointments directly through their restaurants the same sort of thing. And there's more and more effort going into that area. And that's mainly because it seems that they obviously want to control the real estate and their search engine. And if they can get people to use their content rather than go to your website that's good for them.

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Pau: So Brad In terms of the reviews would it be a worthwhile strategy for people if they have already got testimonials from clients in different formats and they've got them maybe sitting on their websites or they've got them in written format that they've captured from that they could go back to that client and send them even a copy of the testimonial as it's written and say could you go and place this in the reviews for me so that people can see it there, because obviously we need that client to do to do the posting you can't post those things yourself.

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Bra: Yeah absolutely. That's the best ways to relate. You do have some already. Yes I can contact them. And if you do a little search online you can actually get a link that you can send people that will pop open a box where they can choose a star rating and write a comment direct from the link. So if you look up review link for Google my business then you can find that it's it's a pretty cool little link because doesn't matter where they send it to them and I haven't on the phone or open it on a desktop. It takes them to your listing and then pops open a little box so they can do the review Nice and easy. The one thing to remember of course is that to do those they do actually have to be logged into their Google account. So it's one of the things that is very very annoying about GMV listings is that. Sorry. You know Google is talking me. I apologize profusely. I've got a Google phone and a Google box. And they're both trying to talk to me.

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Pau: Well you know what can a man in technology do but have all these devices

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Bra: So look your GMV listening is really really important and is only going to become more important as time goes forward because they are keeping it above the organic results. So you do need to make sure you're covered there. 

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Pau: And there's no reason not right because it's free to do.

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Bra: Absolutely. And I suppose the other side to that is you can also pay to have that listing set higher so you've got a free listing but if you want to put five dollars a day into that you can actually run an ad within the GMV listings to make sure that you sit at the top of them. Right. So we seen some really interesting results from this clients are getting good traffic through those and it does track pretty well attracts whether you know someone actually clicks the call or whether they click the Ad and go to youe website etc. But it is a pretty cost effective way to start doing some advertising within Google and if it uses a little part of Google ads called Google Express so it is automated. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to run your ad you just write a basic ad and then it tries to find the right traffic for you. So it is interesting you know with the home page that there are so many options to kind of get traffic but realistically these days you've got to make sure you do cover yourself in all the different ways that are possible. So if once once we've got our GMV listing done and we look at starting to run some ads there the next step really is to move up into the ads platform and that is the run ads that show at the top of the page. Now I've often had the discussion with people where they like I don't ever click those ads.

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Bra: No one no one clicks those ads. And I'm here to tell you that you might not click those ads but a heck of a lot of people do click those ads. And so you can't afford to dismiss them as as a way of getting traffic. You don't have to spend a lot of money but you do have to be targeted in your advertising. So the trick is that instead that saying no half of what I spend you know it doesn't bring me any business. And the other half does. But I don't know which half it is. So when you first start running Google ads you are spending some money you buying some clicks through the keywords that you choose. But you've got to go through and kind of see which which ones are converting. So you do need to do a little bit of conversion tracking. You do need to take note of phone calls when people call you because sometimes they will go to your website and they won't fill in in a contact form but they will call you. So there's a little bit of anecdotal evidence there as well. It involves kind of working out what the best traffic is for you. So take an example running a campaign and we're doing advertising for a conference. And when we put up for the type of conference let's just say it's an Internet marketing conference. If we put up internet marketing conference we're getting lots of traffic. And if we look at web marketing conference we're getting lots of traffic they're both the same thing essentially. But the people who are clicking on the web marketing conference aren't buying tickets and the people who are clicking on Internet Marketing Conference are buying tickets.

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Bra: Then there's no point in buying traffic from the people who click the web marketing ones. So we turn those keywords off. So you've got to actually look at the data and work out you know what's going on there. But the key element is that. If you're not in those paid listings your competitors will be. So they can do a couple of really clever things the first is they can buy your name as a keyword. And I've seen this before with a client where. They were losing about $25,000 a day because their competitor was buying their name as a keyword and then putting an ad up there and not actually using their name in the ad but because they were applying the keyword that is the name of the business. When someone searched for that business and they saw the ad at the top which was the same service they were clicking that ad and when we started running ads for this company with their business name they actually started cleaning up about $25,000 dollars worth of business a day. You had to be aware that your competitors will take your traffic. They will take the traffic of people who are looking for you even if they already know who you are. And there is always someone buying traffic in the field that you're advertising you.

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Pau: Many people may be surprised by the idea that someone could be using their name to drive traffic. So assuming that people can't use my name it's my name and a one. So what are the mechanics of that in terms of if you if you discover that somebody was doing that. What's the course of action. What do you do to reclaim your space and to make sure that you in fact get that traffic if people were legitimately searching for you in the first place.

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Bra: So there's not much you can do about them using a keyword unless you're like a trademark brand. I've seen it where I have a client that is a supplier of Epson products. And every time I try to run an ad saying that they sell some products even though they're the official supplier they get kicked out because everyone has protected their name. But for most businesses that's not an option. So. The best thing you can do is actually set up an ad with your business name as the keyword and use words like official supplier, official site or you know we are the originals or even just making sure that you've got an ad there with your business name in it is enough for you to steal the traffic away from the people who are using your business name to advertise to other people because they can't actually say they're you they can buy your name as a keyword and show an ad but they can't say in that ad that they are Joe's plumbing because that is illegal because they can't use your business name as we all know. So that's the best thing to do is actually set up an ad that says that actually says your business name. So Joe's plumbing you know the best in St Kilda you know click here now give us air. That's that's the best way around that problem.

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Pau: And you mentioned obviously that there's a couple of other elements to this one. You know in terms of conversion tracking that we need to look at the data so that we can tell from your example in terms of whether people going to Internet marketing or web marketing one they're both getting clicks but only one group is buying. So where am I getting the data to look at where I sourced the data so I know whether my ad is performing the way I want to where should I be looking to get that information.

00:30:34:15 - 00:32:31:27

Bra: The quickest way is to actually set up Google analytics on your Web site. Now this is something that I always do for clients if they don't already have it. The main reason being that if you don't know what's happening on your Web site it's like not knowing what's happening in your business day to day you don't know where people are going what they're looking at what keyword they type to come there what their path is through your website etc. But one of the elements of Google Analytics that is built in and it's free is that you can actually set up conversion tracking so you can actually tell analytics that you want to track people going to a certain page. And this is an interesting one. You know there is different levels to this. I'll say that now I am just talking about the basic way of doing this. That is nice and easy for anybody to apply. And so just say you have a contact form a lot of contact forms just flash up a message saying thank you we'll get back to you after you submit them. If you really want to track it set up a thank you Page. And when someone completes the form it takes them to a page that allows you to do two things. The first is in your analytics you'll see how many people actually went to the than you page and if you set up a conversion tracking on the page you'll be able to track anybody who comes from anywhere right through to the thank you page. So you'll be able to see. Okay ok well I had 10 visitors from ads. And one went to the thank you page. I had 10 visitors come from Google my business and three went to the thank you page and I had 10 visitors come from organic search results. And two went to the thank you page. Be able to see for example that the GMV listing is actually getting you more filled in forms. So being on set of those conversions it is really quite simple and there is some very clear instructions on Google on how to do it.

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Bra: But even just. Making sure we got analytics installed on the website and then go into conversions and say I just want to know how many people go to that page. It just gives you so much more information. And with the ads the ads will actually track through and you'll be able to see who is going from what keywords to the thank you page. As I said a little bit more complicated than that but not particularly if you do it a simple way just like using a thak you page. And I think this is really really important. A lot of people do things on their website and they don't track the results so they set up a shopping cart. And at the end of the shopping cart they come out to a thank you page but they they don't see how many people drop out of the shopping cart at the stage where they put products in the cart because they're not tracking it. That sort of thing. So analytics gives you a way to be able to get much more detail even to the point where if you set up a goal conversion you can actually set up a funnel path. And you just say you're doing a shopping cart. You could say I want to track how many people put something in their shopping cart. How many people get to the shipping page how many people go to the payment page and finally how many people land on the thank you page and you can look back through that funnel and see I had 100 people put stuff in their cart 50 went to the shipping page and then two went to the checkout page. Okay so I must have a problem with my shipping page. And you know that is a problem I've actually work with client on and it turns out to be generally as people want to know shipping before they get to the checkout.

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Bra: They want to know what shipping is up front because if the shipping is too high they won't buy from you. Those sorts of things. So as I said there is a lot to be learned from using analytics in your business. And at least once a month logging into that data and just having a look through it and getting to understand you know what's the most popular page, what articles are people reading, what product pages are most people going to. Because even looking at you know your services page what pages of people you know what services are people looking at. I can see say 50 people went to my emergency plumbing page and then I go there and realize wow you know the information on this page is really really bad. You know I don't have any details. There's no photos there's no testimonials. I could probably do a much better job on that page. So all that data allows you to make better decisions about your marketing online. And the beautiful thing about online is it is completely electronic. So you can track anything and everything that you want

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Pau: And visibility and track ability and business and setting targets and being able to monitor what's happening really important part of helping us to accelerate the growth of our businesses which is clearly what we're all about helping people do. Now you did touch on that briefly and I'll get a dive back into. But in terms of the spend I think clearly a lot of people feel nervous about you know spending money with Google as mainly I think primarily because they're not sure what they're doing they're not confident that it's spending good money that they're worried it is throwing money away. I'm not sure how to make it work. You mentioned I think you know even if we're only setting out a budget of 10 dollars a day that sort of thing. So you know what is it realistically going to take for us. What in terms of our spend. And how do we make sure we're getting a return on our investment from our ad spend.

00:36:06:23 - 00:37:46:01

Bra: It's a fair question because you can spend a lot. You know I have clients that spend more than a thousand dollars a day up to $30,000 and then you got other people who are spending five dollars. So it does come down to what your business can afford. But if you're going to start somewhere with the ads themselves you know the advice I've always been given by the experts in the area that I refer to is 20 dollars a day is a really good starting point. Now the reason for that is that the average clicks these days can cost anywhere from a $1.50 to $4.50 upwards. You know if you want to buy clicks for lawyers it can be up to $50 a click. So. It does depend on your market how much you pay. But if we worked on an average of $4 a click at $20 a day that's five roughly you're going to get per day. To get enough data to make decisions you need at least 100 people to come to your website because then we can start to work on percentages. You know one in 100 buys those sorts of things. So $20a day gives you enough traffic by the end of the month to start making some decisions about what is happening which ads are good and those sorts of things because you can run the best ads but it doesn't guarantee people are going to buy. So you want to be able to say Okay I know I've got an ad here that talks about emergency 24 hour plumbing and then I take them to a page which matches the ad so that you must land them on a page that's about 24 hour emergency plumbing.

00:37:46:01 - 00:38:56:03

Bra: And then I've got to get them to take action. Okay. Now a lot of people will click the ad go to the page but they won't take action. That's just the way it is. So by having a minimum spend we're getting some numbers through we can start to see what do we need to improve. How can we make the landing page better. All those sorts of things. So with the Google ads I always say $20 a day minimum spend is a wise place to start. And then with the GMV listings I say to people you should at least be running $5 a day there. Now you can open that up as well. There's there's lots of traffic on the maps listings but certainly you start off with $5 a day. They're looking around $25 a day now a little while ago I was looking at you know what's the value SEO, what's the value of ads. You know all those sorts of things. As far as a business goes. And as I said I believe that you need to be in all three areas the ads the list the map listings and the organic results you cover your business fully. And I was talking to someone and they were saying if you're not running advertising, paid advertising you're not in business.

00:38:56:08 - 00:40:57:25

Bra: That is an interesting statement. You know if you're not running paid advertising not in business we discuss it for a while. And we agreed that really if you if you weren't running paid advertising for a business in today's world in a city where there is competition you really leaving everything up to luck because you're hoping that people will come all the way down to the organic results which some people will. But if you want to be on the home page of Google for any sort of service any sort of service you. IReally apologize for that. If I could turn it off I would.So you know if you're not if you're not advertising you're not in business. The main reason being that when you look at paying for advertising especially with ads online you can specifically target and specifically attract the sort of traffic you want and you can tell whether it's working or not. And the other side of that is because you can target and track it you can actually choose the traffic that you need So. In the event that you are relying on luck for people to come to your website or to find you or you're out and networking you know there's an element of you know who knows what's going to happen there. It's very hard to build a business on that because there's ebbs and flows and cycles in business whereas when you're buying traffic from the ad section you know that for every hundred dollars you spend you're going to get say 100 clicks. So you spend a hundred dollars get 100 clicks that means 100 people to your website. You know that based on the numbers that you've already seen that out of those hundred ten will call you and one will become a client.

00:40:58:18 - 00:42:21:19

Bra: So you spend 100 dollars and you get a client. Now if that client is worth you know 10 dollars then you know that's not so great, but if that client is worth two thousand dollars then that's a formula that you can repeat over and over and over.  You spend $100 you make $2,000 and that is one of the key elements of buying traffic through the ads is that you can work out your numbers. You can spend thousand dollars a month on ads and make $20,000 . So that's like putting one dollar in a slot machine and pulling four dollars out. But the key element here is that is repeatable month after month after month. Now some months you will get some fluctuations just due to things like Christmas and those sorts of things. But overall it is it is a business model that you can apply. And the more money you put in the more money you get out. Now obviously you you are limited by your geographic area that you service. But you know I know talking with you that you know your clients do learn that they can expand out by getting a little bit cleverer about how they do things or doing partnerships or whatever it happens to be. So. That's really the key thing about buying ad'shat I really that I reall like and that's why I recommend that all clients do paid advertising as well as organic advertising.

00:42:21:29 - 00:42:57:02

Pau: Get that balance going so we've covered some great ground and you've shared some really important insights Brad in terms of what we need to be doing practical things for us to start working on some free. But the reality is that we're going to need to invest some money but if people aren't super confident in their own ability to do it that they maybe want to engage you know someone like yourself to help them. So where would they go to to talk to you to find out more about how you could help them. What's the best place for them to go and do that.

00:42:57:02 - 00:43:46:16

Bra: Look it's really simple to find me just to go to and book a free consultation. I'm happy to talk to anyone. I'd like to know a little bit about your business. Find out what you're doing. Get a feel for what you're trying to achieve and all those sorts of things before I suggest what might be suitable for your particular business. As I said every business is different. Some people have in-house staff that though you know they can do certain elements. Some people have no one an in-house. So that's probably the best way. Just pop open the form and fill it in and get in contact with me or you can you can find me on Skype. Mr. web marketing or on Facebook you know I'm pretty much everywhere. Feel free just to contact me directly.

00:43:46:20 - 00:44:04:05

Pau: Ok I really appreciate you taking out some time and I got a busy schedule and planes to catch and places to be so I really appreciate your time on the program today and and sharing your wisdom as you so generously do all the time. And thanks again for being part of it.

00:44:04:06 - 00:44:11:02

Bra: Not a problem. That was a lot of content in a short time. Always a pleasure to talk with you.

00:44:11:17 - 00:44:47:13

Pau: So I hope you enjoyed that session with Brad Hauck packed with value. I'd certainly took plenty of notes about the strategies that he was talking about and of course as I mentioned from the outset if you want to be able to get access to Brad's recording of his 2018 marketing super conference presentation which is again packed with more great ideas if you want to get hold of that you simply go to the www.marketersclubcademy. com/podcast4 and in the show notes there you'll find a link to be able to access his recording from that conference.

00:44:47:17 - 00:45:43:24

Pau: And of course if you want to join me at the 2019 marketing super conference where we're going to be helping you to press go on claiming your expert position you go to the and you'll find all the details there as well as be able to take advantage of the super early bird special that's going on right now so you'll ba able to claim your seat at the lowest possible price be able to join about 120 other entrepreneurs that we're inviting for the day to the conference. So we keep it really tight and small groups so that I can really work with you and help you find your expert position really claim your niche So I hope you enjoyed this episode and that you'll go away now and implement some of these strategies into your business because of course it's only through taking the action that you're going to get the results in your business. So until next week I wish you all the very best of luck with your business. But much more importantly with your lives. Take care. Bye for now.

To learn more about Brad Hauck visit his website
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