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Lessons from a Billionaire
How to Build a Digital Business.
Gabby and his brother Hezi are two of Australia's most successful and revered online retailers.

Starting from zero, they have combined to build some of the most iconic digital brands including Catch of the Day, Scoopon, Menu Log, Luxury Escapes and many more.

Gabby joins me today to share some of the many lesson learnt and to help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs looking for online success.
#59 Lessons from a Billionaire - How to Build a Digital Business
If you want to know how to grow an online business learn from the man who has done it
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Show Notes:

In 2019 Gabby and Hezi sold their businesses for over a Billion Dollars!

So, when it comes to knowing what it takes to build a successful digital business, Gabby is an expert.

On November 1st, 2020, the Leibovich brothers will release their book, Catch of the Decade, chronicling their journey from struggling start up to Billion Dollar powerhouse.

In this interview Gabby shares some of the ideas that were critical to their rapid growth and incredible success. He also shares the failures, missteps, and challenges they had to overcome. 

If you want to hear how to grow a digital business from a man who has done it, this is a must listen. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. Don't be afraid to copy or share. Gabby says there are very few if any revolutionary ideas out there. They are existing ideas with a spin. If you have an idea then you must get off your ass and implement it. The winner in business is the one who executes the idea fastest and best. Who had the idea first deosn't matter.

2. Your database is a critical asset. But it's not just about building a big LIST. It's about how active your list is. The key metric to track on your database is how many unique buyers you have each year. If that number is always rising you will enjoy sustained success.

3. When Gaby and Hezi started by selling one product a day everyone thought they were crazy. Everyone expected them to fail. The truth is it was this strategy was the secret to their success. It was the innovation of their approach that captured the imagination of the public.

It created a buzz and word spread automatically, meaning they didn't have to spend a cent on marketing. By being different they had harnessed the most powerful marketing source available. Word-of-mouth. Their customers had become their salesforce. 

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