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How to Amplify Your Expertise for FREE (Through the Media).
When you learn how to effectively package up your knowledge for the media you can unlock an incredible business amplifier. 

The media is hungry for content and actively on the lookout for entrepreneurs with real expertise who can shed light on how to help their audience solve their problems. 

In this episode we explore some brilliant ways for you to start winning media coverage that costs you nothing, but helps you attract lots of new customers. 
#81. How to Amplify Your Expertise for Free (through the media)
Discover how to pitch your talents to journalists and attract more clients
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Show Notes:

Every day people are searching for help, guidance and ideas about how to solve their problems. In search of answers people turn to their favourite media channels. 

Every media outlet, whether a newspaper, magazine, radio station, TV network, social media platform, or podcast, needs content to entertain, educate and engage their audience. 

In this week's episode PR expert Kate Engler reveals how entrepreneurs can use the media to amplify their expertise, deliver value and connect with a new audience, all for FREE!

Kate provides and easy to follow framework that can help you become known as an authority in your field and unlock a powerful free marketing stream for your business. This episode is a must listen for anyone who wants a fast path to client attraction.

Paul's Power Points.

Kate points out there are a host of rookie mistakes people make when they endeavour to access the media. Here are her top five tips to help you avoid blowing the opportunity to gain coverage. 

1. Don't pitch a do over. A do over is a repeat of the same story. The media has no interest on you saying you agree with the content they just put out, you think the  same way. You need to offer a fresh and alternative perspective. 

2. Write your press release in the third person. 

3. When possible add supporting evidence such as a stat from a known peak body or other authority to back up your arguement. 

4. A press release has an audience of one. The journalist. Remember not to pitch to a journalist as if they are the end customer.

5. The issue is the focus of your release, never the product or service that you offer. Keep your focus on the problem as this is the thing journalists are interested in sharing with their audience. 

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