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How to Become the GO TO Expert for the Media
The media is hungry for content and you have the opportunity to position your expertise and become their GO TO person.

In this episode PR and Media expert Monica Rosenfeld helps take the mystery out of how to work with the media and reveals that any business owner can create newsworthy angles the media will love.

If you want to claim a real competitive advantage, create instant credibility, increase your conversion rates and see a spike in sales, learning how to generate free media coverage is a great place to start.

#49 How to become the Go To Expert for the Media
Learn How to win free media coverage and build your expert position
Show Notes:

Many business owners have mistakenly dismissed the media as something that is only avaialble to a select few. But the truth is ANY business can unlock the power of the media if they know how to create a story angel and are consistent with their efforts. 

You have the opportunity to win free media and in this episode my guest Monica Rosenfeld shares five proven media angels that will have media outlets eager to work with you. 

The first step to winning more business is getting more exposure. The media is one of the fastest ways for you to increase awareness of what you do and how well you do. It's an opportunity to share your knowledge and become the GO TO person for media outlets everywhere.  

Paul's Power Points.


1. The first step to success with the media is finding a story angle. Here are 5 ideas from Monica.

> Thought Leadership - Provide your expert voice and share your thoughts on the issues impacting your industry, customers and sector.
> Top 5 tips. The media loves list, steps and easy to consume content that will help their audience learn how to do something or avoid a challenge.
> Awareness Days - Everyday of the year is dedicated to something. Simply by aligning what you do with one of these days you can create highly relevant content the media will love. 
> Back Story. Your story of struggle to success or a major pivot or change you made in your business can be a great media piece. The media love stories of triumph over difficult so don't dismiss the power of your story.
> Case Studies. Another story you can tell is your customers story. Sharing the  challenges they faced before meeting you and the success they have today can be a brilliant way to demonstrate your abilities. 

2. Your media release should be no more than one A4 page. Keep it short and snappy and make sure it provides value to the media outlets you are looking to work with. 

3. Remeber the media release is not about you, it's about what you know and how that knowledge can assist the audience who read, listen or watch a particular media. You must serve their audience, not to a vailed sales pitch. 

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If you want to learn more about Monica Rosenfeld and the media services she offers you'll find everything you need on her website HERE
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