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How To Use Webinars To Sell Your Services
Webinars are a powerful sales tool when you know how to use them correctly. A broad range of businesses use webinars to sell their products, programs and services every day. 

In this episode I walk you through a 7-step plan for using webinars to sell. If you have discounted or ignored webinars as an effective sales channel, this episode may cause you to think again. 
#72 How to Use Webinars to Sell Your Services
The 7 Step Plan for using webinars to turn prospects into customers.
Show Notes:

Here's the good news!

You don't need to be a world class presenter or a technical wiz to be able to use webinars to grow your business. The technology behind a webinar makes them simple to set up, easy to run and most importantly effective at converting prospects into customers. 

Webinars help thoushands of companies generate millions of dollars in new business every day. They are a highly effective way to build an audience, position your expertise, offer value and generate sales. 

And as more an more people look to find their solutions online, there has never been a better time to create your first webinar that sells. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. State your goal - The first step to success is to understand why you want to run a webinar. Set a clear goal and sales target. Identify exactly what product, program or service you want to sell via a webinar. 


2. Choose a good topic - The success of your webinar will start by finding a single focused topic that is of interest to your audience. The best place to staart is by focusing on your customers burning problems. What is ONE THING you know that they would love to know. It's important to focus your webinar on the solving of just one problem. 

3. Create a catchy title and rego page - Once you what problem you want to help people solve it's time to create a catchy title and design a simple registration page. A simple headline formula to follow is - This webinar will show you HOW TO solve (Blank) without (Blank). For example, How to attract 1000 people to visit your website, without spending a cent on adversting.

4. Promote the Webinar - If you are going to hit your sales targets you are going to need to get people on your webinar. Some effective ways to promote your webinar are via Facebook groups that contain your ideal customer, through your own social channels, by having other non-competing business owners promote your webinars to their lists and via FB advertising. 

5. Make sure they show up - To makes sure people show up to your live webinar you need to do three things. a) Promote your webinar for 5-7 days but certainly not for more than 10 days). Send 4 to 7 reminder emails that reinfrce the value of attenting live and the consequence of missing the session. Remember even with a short lead in time and regular follow up as many as 60% of your registrants won't attend the live call. 

6. Structure your webinar to sell - The number one reason people fail to sell on a webinar is they do an educational webinar with a sale tacted on the end. This doesn't work. You must design a webinar to sell by including tackling the audiences false beliefs, fears and concerns and showing them the What, not the How. 

7. Follow up - Once the webinar is finished you need to have a series of emails ready to go out over the coming days and week's to encourage people to take action and buy your product, program or service. Without regular promting you will not maximise the sales potential of your webinar. 

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