Serve More Clients, Have More Impact & Earn More Money, Doing What You Love.
Clarify Your Message.  Amplify Your Expertise.  Increase Your Reach. 
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What is a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur?
You know you are here on this planet for a purpose.

You are on a mission to make the biggest impact possible with your work. 

You are driven by service and the desire to help clients succeed. 

You believe in your ability to positively impact anyone you work with.

Your challenge is...

Knowing how to Market Your Talent, Amplifying Your Expertise
and Attracts More Clients. 

That's where we can help...
Meet Your New

My mission is to help you amplify your expertise so you can attract more clients
& change more lives, doing what you love.
Paul McCarthy is a bestselling author, award-winning speaker and is recognised as one of Australia's premier Customer Centric Marketing Experts. Over the past 17 years he has helped thousands of companies to grow.
If you want to know how to turn your Passion and Purpose into a Profitable Business, we can help!

Are You Confused About...
  • How to Communicate Your Uniqueness and Attract More Ideal Customers?
  • How to AMPLIFY Your Talent without sounding boastful?
  • How to Automate the Marketing Process without becoming one of those pushy type marketers?
  • How to effectively REACH the people who need your services without wasting time and money?
  • How to Turn Your Knowhow into valuable content that helps you Grow a List of ideal clients?
  • The Right Priorities To Focus On to grow a business that serves you and your clients?
The good news! You don't have to figure it out alone!
How Marketing Really Works!

Good marketing is NOT about self-promotion. 

Customers don't want you to 'SELL' them.

The first step to success is to change the narrative from being self-focused to customer-focused. 

Every business is in a BATTLE for ATTENTION.

If you want to STAND OUT, from your competitors and be HEARD.

You must shift the focus of your marketing from SELLING to SERVING. 

Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs are not in love with their products, services or business. 

They are in love with their clients and helping them to achieve the outcomes they want!

Ready to serve more clients and create more positive outcomes?

YES! Then let's talk about how to make it happen.
What Our Members Are Saying...
"The Marketers Club helped me 10x my business growth. Taking it from a $50K turnover to over $500K. If you are willing to implement what they recommend you too will find yourself on the fast track to success".

Christine Williams
Smarter Property Investing
"Our marketing mindset shifted 180°. By applying what we have learnt, we doubled both our average order size and number of sales. Your program has been, without doubt, the single best investment we have made in the growth of our business".
Raie & Jamie Lyth
Web Ideas
"What you taught me about marketing has completely transformed my business. Today I am attracting more clients, for higher fees than I ever dreamed possible. You are simply the best in the business".

Mark Bloodworth
Lifeblood Performance
3 Simple Steps to Real Business Growth
The Path to Business Success is Simple when you Focus on the Right Things.
Create A Client
First Focus
Transform your band of expertise into a single, concise customer focused message.
Package Your Knowledge
Position yourself as an expert by packaging what you know into easy to access content and guides.
Amplify Your Expertise
Become the industry GO TO person
by sharing your knowledge and demonstrating the results created.
Start Your Business Transformation Today!
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  • 11 Powerful and Proven Headline Writing Formulas used by the world's best marketers.
  • A Step-by-step guide to building your own Landing Page and Email Nurture Sequence.
YES! Give Me The Guide
We help mission-driven entrepreneurs learn how to market their talent and amplify their expertise, by designing a customer focused message, so they can serve more people, grow their revenue and help change the world for the better.
Ready to Become the GO TO Expert in Your Industry?
Accelerating the growth of your business starts with identifying the intersection between who you serve, what they want and your unique ability. We'll show you how to find the sweet spot.
Introducing the Marketing Makeover Program.
The Online Coaching Course for Mission-Driven people like you!

Help to find the niche you can dominate and clarify the ideal customer you want to attract. 

Create targeted marketing that speaks to your ideal customer and demonstrates your unique ability.

Generate a flood of new leads by putting your message in front of prospects eager to hear from you.

I Had Become A Slave To My Business!
After five years of hard work in my business, I realised nothing was changing. Since joining your program my thinking is clearer, I finally feel in control and by following your advice, my revenues jumped over 34%.

I'm not only making more money. I am finally creating the life I've always wanted.

Lorenzo Capitanio, Director, The Music Education Academy
Good News! No more having to go it alone!
Support to Confidently Communicate Your Talent, Serve More Clients and reach your goals faster!
"You can't change what you've done, but you can 
always change what you'll become".

Paul McCarthy
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