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For Entrepreneurs who have a Future even Bigger than their Present.
Building a business can be challenging, frustrating and at times a lonely experience. 

There is an endless list of things demanding your attention. Knowing which one should be the priority is difficult. 

To make matters worse, there is often no one you can talk to who understands what you're going through. 

In fact, most people in your life (including your family) think you're crazy for starting a business. 

You work hard, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. 

What you do achieve rarely delivers the pay-off you hoped for.

You are impatient for success and tired of things taking so long. 

Often the only thing that keeps you going is the hope that one day things will get easier, faster and more profitable. 

Sound familiar? 

Don't worry, you're not alone. We've all been there.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. 

Imagine having...

> Clarity about what you need to focus on every day.

> Faster Results because you have a clear roadmap to follow.

> Confidence to Implement because you have the Resources, Tools and Templates you need at your fingertips.

> Support and Advice from a close-knit group of peers on the same journey.

> Expert Guidance from an experienced mentor and a sounding board for your ideas.

> Accountability to drive implementation and ensure you reach your goals sooner.

Well you can have all of that and more Inside the Mastermind. 

"Paul the Mastermind program has completely transformed the way that I work in my business. Your depth of knowledge and ability to provide sound advice to any business', not matter the industry, is simply incredible". 
Jan Barned Financial Management Trainer
The Genesis of the Mastermind!
Around 100 years ago Andrew Carnegie, America's first billionaire, tasked a man named Napoleon Hill with a challenge.

Discover the universal success secrets shared by the world's wealthiest people.

After twenty years of research, Hill published the secret formula in the now all time classic, 'Think and Grow Rich'.

According to Hill, successful people share many traits.

But there is one trait Hill identifies as so vital he dubbed it "The Driving Force."

What is the Driving Force of business success?


Hill's message for any success-minded business owner is clear;

Make it your highest priority to find a results-driven, marketing-oriented, success-obsessed Mastermind, ASAP...

And this is your chance to be involved in exactly that!

Ready for a Quantum Leap in Results?
This is your ticket to more clients, more profits, and more impact.

Part One
Progress Report
Champagne Moments - Share the wins and breakthroughs experienced this month.
Progress - Share an honest update on your progress.
Barriers - Share any internal or external challenges you encountered.
Support - Tell us what help you need from me and the other members. Together we will brainstorm ideas to help you side-step pitfalls and maintain momentum.

Part Two
Critical Issue
At every session we dedicate time to solving critical issues. These are serious challenges / problems / areas impeding your progress. Members are invited to step into the HOT SEAT and share their issue.

The process is fun and simple. You spend 3 - 5 minutes stating the issue. Then the group spends 20 - 30 minutes providing suggestions and advice from their personal experience.

We instinctively know it is easier to solve other people's issues than our own. The reason is simple. We have the benefit of perspective.

By listening to other savvy business owners share ideas on how to tackle your critical issues you gain valuable insights. Armed with this knowledge you can quickly innovate your approach, avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your progress.

This is one of the reasons why a Mastermind is so powerful.

Part Three
Action Plan
At the completion of every Mastermind Session you will outline a detailed action plan for the 30 days ahead. 

This ensures you will attach the month with clarity of purpose and clear plan of action. 

Armed with a lazer-focused plan including targets, milestones, required resources and a specific goal – you will be putting your business on the fast track to success. 
Put the Power of the Mastermind to Work in Your Business
See the World from the Outside...
Paul's program is about action and he helped me create real momentum.
Just one idea I got helped me to triple my sales. This program represents huge value and I would recommend it as a must for any business owner who is serious about success.

Helen Robinett, Director, Image Quest.
Mastermind has lifted me out of the quagmire of the day‐to‐day business issues, enabling me to think and ACT more strategically. I now have a group of trusted sounding boards, and a system to keep me on track and inspired. Being a member is an intelligent investment... but you'll only find out what's possible for you by joining and watching the amazing results unfold".
Sandi Givens, Shattering Glass Ceilings
The methods and strategies you teach helped us to significantly improve all aspects of our business. Your marketing techniques helped elevate us to one of the market leaders in the hospitality equipment service industry. I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about achieving success and surviving in business today, to join.

Craig Yeoman, Managing Director, AWT.
One of the challenges you encounter running your own business is getting honest, and most importantly, qualified feedback.

Being part of the Mastermind has allowed us to connect with other business owners facing similar challenges and leverage their experience into our business. I have a place where I can get valuable feedback and best of all, it provides me with an opportunity to work on not just in our business.

I have established many wonderful relationships with other entrepreneurs who I trust and respect and that represents incredible value to me. 
Damian Blumenkranc, Co-founder, Creativa
Isn't it time to start making your dent on the universe?
Meet Your Guide...
My Passion is Marketing.
My Obsession - Helping You Succeed.
Paul McCarthy - CSP.
Like you, I am an entrepreneur.

I understand the courage it takes to build a business.

My interest in marketing began because I was trying to figure out how to grow my own business.

20 years on and what I've learned has not only helped me, but has helped transform the fortunes of thousands of clients.

As a best-selling author, and award winning speaker I've had the privilege to influence over 327,000 business owners globally.

Throughout my travels my goal has remained the same.

To help mission-driven entrepreneurs learn how to communicate their talent and increase their profits, so they can make more of a difference in the world!

After nearly two decades of mentoring entrepreneurs, I've discovered the key to success starts with Awakening Your Inner Marketer. 

And the best way I know how to do that, is through the power of the Mastermind!

"As a small business owner, one of the greatest challenges I faced was isolation. With no one to bounce ideas off, my business was stagnating. Since joining the program, my sales have more than tripled. If you are serious about growing your profits, you can't afford to be isolated. Speaking from experience, this program is the fastest way I know to achieve your potential".
Mick Supple - Managing Director of Exclusive Floors
Valuable Additional Bonuses!

Bonus # 1
Private Coaching
Value $2,000
As a member of the Mastermind you also get access to personal support and expert guidance with a private 60-minute coaching call.

You receive four private calls for the year and you can redeem one each quarter.

Bonus # 2
Marketers Lab
Value $1,000's
Enjoy full access to our comprehensive online learning centre. Training Programs, Tools, Resources, Guest Experts, and Templates to Swipe and Deploy for Fast Results.

New content is being added all the time and you enjoy Exclusive Mastermind Level access to it all.

Bonus # 3
Private Members Forum
Value - Priceless
Whether you have a burning question, want to bounce an idea, or celebrate a breakthrough, you don't have to wait. 

Our exclusive forum gives you everyday access to me and all the members of the program. Guaranteeing you quick answers from a trusted source. 

Here's what MIM members say...
"Finally a business program that provides the scope and support to assist business owners to be true to their goals and objectives. MIM demands action from the business owner whilst providing very comprehensive and inspiring theories on how to expand and maximise the potential of your business"

Amanda Freeman,
Kaizen Financial Services

"Since joining the Mastermind our marketing mindset shifted 180°. By applying what we have learnt, we have doubled both our average order size and number of sales. Your program has been, without doubt, the single best investment we have made in the growth of our business."

Raie and Jamie Lyth,
Web Ideas

"When I heard the results Paul was producing, my first thought was 'This sounds too good to be true.' Within 5 months of joining I had generated thousands of dollars of additional work all thanks to Mastermind. Since joining I have also made some fabulous new friends who actually understand what I do". 

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

Here's a recap of everything you get as a member of the Marketing Insiders Mastermind.

3 Hour Live Mastermind
Every Month
Work strategically on your business every month. Simply jump on your monthly call via Zoom from anywhere in the world.
Private Coaching Calls

If you have a challenge that needs extra attention. You can redeem one of your four private coaching calls to get expert advice to help find the answer you need.

Marketers Lab
Your Online Learning Centre
In the end, results come from implementation. So to help you accelerate your ability to action ideas, we will give you all the templates and tools you need.
Members Only Forum

When you join MIM you become part of a supportive community of savvy business owners. You can tap into this wisdom and to me 24/7 in our members only forum.
Is the M.I.M Right for You?
The Marketing Insiders Mastermind is right for you if... 
  • You want to accelerate your pathway to success and achieve your goals sooner.
  • You are open to new ideas, constructive feedback, and increased accountability.
  • You are tired of all the conflicting advice and want to follow a proven system that shows you the right things to do in the right order.
  • You want to increase your reach and impact with the people you serve, and do more than simply make money. You want to make a difference in the world.
  • You want the chance to be part of a collaborative community of savvy entrepreneurs who challenge and support each other.
  • You are ready to commit yourself to do the work, to encourage others to do the same and to be an active contributor to the community.
  • You are ready to fulfil your true potential.
"Being part of the Mastermind Program has been the best thing we have done for our business. We've learnt so much from Paul and the other members, we've been able to 10X our business in 3 years. If you're serious about accelerating your business success, the answers simple, join the program".
Deb & Craig O'Callaghan DC on the Lake.
Let's see if we're a good fit for each other first...
One of the things that makes the Mastermind so powerful is we don't just let anyone in!
You must be able to wear two hats. The hat of the student and of the teacher. You must be ready to learn and willing to share.
If you want to maximise the impact you have on the world and you are willing to help others do the same...
Book a free, 15 minute chat, to see if you're a good fit for one of our Mastermind groups.
request entry into the program
Program Access By Application Only
Monthly 3 hour Zoom Mastermind Call
Private Coaching Calls with Paul
Marketers Lab Resource Centre
Members Only Forum Available 24/7
Bonus Content and Resources

"Thanks to what I've learnt I have been able to 10x my business growth, taking it from a $50K turnover to over $500K. If you are willing to listen to what Paul tells you and implement what he recommends you too will find yourself on the fast track to success. If you need a genuine marketing mentor in your corner, I don't know anyone better."
Christine Williams, Smarter Property Investing.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will this work for me?
The Mastermind is a proven system for accelerating the growth of a business. It will benefit any business owner who is serious about improving their ability to market their talent and is committed to serving more clients. The program will be especially useful for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to learn how to increase their visibility and improve their ability to grab attention without sounding boastful.
Do I need to be experienced to join a Mastermind?
No. It doesn't matter if you've been in business for 2 weeks, 2 years or for 2 decades. All you need is a genuine desire to want to learn how to effectively market your business. You will be assigned to a group  that is a good fit for you. The Mastermind program offers you a proven framework for positioning your expertise, attracting more clients and building a profitable business, no matter how long you've been operating your business. 
How often do we meet?
You meet for a 3-hour private Mastermind session with your group every month. Your group will be assigned a regular time (i.e.first Thursday of the month) so you can schedule your Mastermind sessions into your diary in advance. 
What sort of time commitment do I need to make?
We recommend that you dedicate at least half a day every week to your marketing. As you develop your marketing mindset you will quickly come to realise the more time and energy you dedicate here the faster your reach, influence and business will grow. 

To get the results you are looking for it will require you making time to implement the strategies you learn. 
How many people are in a group?
Masterminds are capped at a maximum of 10 people. However groups will commence with as few as 3 members and grow as appropriate members apply and get accepted.
If I have questions can I get help?
Yes! You have 24/7 access to the Members Forum. Here you can tap into the collective wisdom of the Marketers Club community. You will be able to seek advice from me, or ask for feedback from other members. Once you join you will never have to wrestle with a question alone again. We are here to help each other to accelerate our progress and learn from each others experiences.
How long is my membership commitment?
Once accepted into the program you are a member until you choose to leave. If you join and after a month think it's not for you, you are free to leave.

There are no lock in contracts. However, on average most people are members for many years. We suspect once you join and experience the benefits and results you derive from Mastermind you wan't want to leave.
What about confidentiality?
Every member is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. To acknowledge what happens in Mastermind stays in mastermind. It is a place of high trust and integrity. 

We do not share with others what happens within the confines of the program without the express consent of member involved all conversations remain private. 
What happens if I can't make a scheduled Mastermind session?
We  ask and expect every member to make it a priority to attend there monthly Mastermind.

However, we understand that sometime life gets in the way and it is impossible to make the session. 

In this event you cannot make a schedule session we ask that you submit your activity report so we can update your group.

All sessions are recorded so you will be sent a link to the recording to review what you missed 
"The impact you have had on our business is beyond words. From being frustrated, tired and ready to throw in the towel, today we are focused, energised and importantly making money. Bookings are flowing in like never before. I am so grateful we found you."
Julia Surtees, Jolie Image Photography