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The Secret to Selling in Uncertain Times
One of the serious consequences or side-effects of the Coronavirus on how businesses operate is the impact it has had on their customer buying decisions. 

There is little doubt that when prospective customers feel uncertain they become less likely to buy. During these times of uncertainty we need to review and adjust our sales techniques. 

Your job is not to convince the customer to choose you, but rather help them feel confident about their buying decision. 
#74. The Secret to Selling in Uncertain Times
How to help your customers feel confident enough to buy from you.
Show Notes:

Kevin Ryan is a sales expert who has been teaching people how to improve their sales results for over 20 years. The author of TILT a book designed to help people sell during times of uncertainty he has helped hundreds of companies and sales professionals to generate more sales by understanding four key drivers. 

In this episode Kevin shares some of the keys to success and some valuable tips and tricks to make the process of selling in these challenging times more successful. If the impacts of the Coronavirus has seen your sales results drop, this episode has some valuable insights to help you fine tune your sales process and rapidly improve your conversion rate. 

Paul's Power Points.

1. According to Daniel Pink people don't want more information, they want more insight. Your job therefore is to help them make sense of the information they already have. 

2. Ask a decision facilitating question, such as, "What would you need to know now that would help you make a more confident decision?"

3. In his book The Trusted Advisor - David Maister points out that trust is a combination of Credibility + Reliability + Intamacy divided by Self Interest. 

4. One of the keys to success in sales is listenting skills. Real listening requires applying what academics call Conversational Receptiveness. This is where you hear not just the words but the non verbal cues and feed this information back to the customer to demonstrate that you understand their truth. 

Like to learn more about Kevin Ryan you'll find everything you need on his website HERE
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