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How to Generate More Sales for Your Business on the Telephone.
Every day businesses invest in expensive websites, social media campaigns and pay per click advertising strategies all with the aim of generating more sales.

But one of the oldest and still most effective sales channels is found in the humble telephone. It might not be the sexiest means to generate sales, but it remains one of the fastest ways to generate leads and sales.

In this episode we explore some of the secrets to success with Australia's queen of tele-sales, Jenny Cartwright.
#73. How to Use the Phone to Generate More Sales
Rediscover the lost art of telephone selling
Show Notes:

Jenny Cartwright is Australia's premier tele-sales expert. For over 30 years Jenny has been showing business owners and sales professionals how to generate business on the telephone. The author of Don't Get Hung Up she has helped thousands of companies to generate millions of dollars in additional sales revenue by unlocking the power of the telephone. 

In this episode Jenny shares some of the keys to success and some valuable tips and tricks to make the process of cold calling a lot more effective and a lot less frightening. 

If you are looking for a fast, affordable and highly effective way to generate more sales for your business, this episode is for you.

Paul's Power Points.

1. To warm up a cold call do a little research. View the persons website, checkout their LinkedIn profile etc. Then when you contact them you can open by saying, "I was on your website or saw your profile and noticed (blank) so I thought you'd be interested in (what you do). 

2. Give a brief benefit statement like - we help businesses triple their sales in 30 days. This is your HOOK to grab attention.

3. Build a bridge to open the conversation. "But before I go any further can I ask you..." Make sure you  ask open ended questions starting with:






4. If the prospect engages in the conversation make sure you paraphrase what they have said back to them to highlight the pain point they have identified.

5. Pay attention to any objections you receive. After a call if you received an objection you couldn't answer, Stop. Devise an answer so it does not stump the conversation in the future.

Like to learn more about Jenny Cartwright you'll find everything you need on her website HERE
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