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How to Create Content, Courses and Programs People Want and Need.
When it comes to building educational content and courses you won't find many better than Terry Hawkins. 

A self-confessed, life long learner Terry's courses, keynotes and programs have influenced millions around the world. 

In this episode she shares the most crucial concepts for success as a speaker, trainer, coach or educator. 
#71. How to Create Content Courses and Programs People Want
An experts tips on the essentials content creation and course design.
Show Notes:

Terry Hawkins is a world class educator who has developed a range of iconic training programs and characters. For over 30 years Terry has built online and offline courses, delivered thousands of keynotes and multi-day workshops. 

In this candid interview she shares the things that have been most improtant to her creation process. If you need to design or develop educational content for your audience then this episode is dripping with golden nuggets for you to feast on. 

Paul's Power Points.

1. Terry starts her design process by following the formula first shared by the 1970's school teacher Bernice McCarthy.

Why - Why are you creating this program or course?

What - What is the information your audience need to learn?

How - How do you develop your ideas and execute the delivery?

What if - What if you could take this content somewhere else?

2. There are only two times in life. Now and too late.

3. You may plant a seed from which a tree grows that you never get to sit in the shade of. Plant the seed anyway.

Like to learn more about Terry Hawkins you'll find everything you need on her website HERE
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