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How to do Content Marketing
(A Practical Guide)
Morry Morgan is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses in Australia and China. But no matter what type of business he's built he always uses content marketing as a key strategy for growth. 

His latest business is the School of Hard Knock Knocks. As the name suggests the school teaches people about humour and how to be fun. For some it's a pathway to becoming a professional comedian, for others it's a bucket list activity. 

Either way Morry takes the process of content marketing very seriously. So seriously that he's invested over $60,000 into the content marketing of this business.
#52 How to do Content Marketing (A Practical Guide).
Everything you need to know to start building an audience.
Show Notes:

You've no doubt heard the expression 'Content is King'. It's used so often it's almost a cliche. But there is no denying the importance content marketing plays in building an audience and winning customers. 

When you produce a great piece of content it and provide a consistent stream of clients to your business for years. Morry Morgan is a big fan of content marketing and in this episode he walks you step-by-step through the journey of building content for the School of Hard Knock Knocks. A journey that has required the injection of serious money. 

This is a practical look at what it takes to build content, how to maximise it's value and repurpose it into lots of attention grabbing pieces. If you want a real world lesson in content marketing this episode is for you.

Paul's Power Points.


1. Look to make your content as ever-green as possible. If you don't date your material it can continue to generate leads for you for years to come. 

2. Look at all the ways you can take your main piece of content and slice and dice it into lots of smaller pieces that can act as a teaser. A video could be broken into smaller segments, audio files, social posts and quotes. 

3. If you want to embark on a major content project would your customers be willing to back the project and invest money to help you spread the word. If you think it's impossible, think again, because that's exactly what Morry's clients did. 

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