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How to Make the Most of the Life You've Got!
Any way you slice it life is short. Whether you are fortunate enough to live until your 100 in good health, your time on this planet is fleeting. 

The challenge for us is how to make the most of the time we get and to live our lives to the fullest. My guest this week is Travis Bell, a.k.a the Bucket List Guy. Trav has spent the last decade travelling the world and encouraging people to find their best selves. 

To live their life to the max and fulfil their true potential and in this episode we explore his book - My Bucket List Blueprint and psychology behind it.
#70. How to Make the Most of The Life You've Got!
A simple strategy for Building a Life Plan and Fulfilling Your Potential
Show Notes:

Travis created a list when he was just 18 that would ultimately change his life. It was a list of all the things he wanted to do before he died.  After building a successful personal training business with over 300 centres across the country, Trav fell into a bout of depression that led him on a quest to find and redefine himself. 

When he shared the concept of his list things to do before you die, he discovered no one else had one. A list that was more than simply a bunch of cool travel destinations. It was a life plan, that was guiding and driving his decisions and actions. This simple, yet powerful idea sprang into life, and Trav became the Bucket List Guy. 

For the past 10 years he has been helping people to live more fulfilled lives and realise their potential before someone or something puts an end date on them. Now with a team of Bucket List accedited coaches in 22 countries around to world, Travis is helping people find their true potential and live the most rewarding life possible. 

Paul's Power Points.

1. Don't wait until a doctor or someone else places a used by date on you. Starting living your best life today. 

2. The first step to a more rewarding life is to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It's time to challenge yourself, to stretch and grow and do things that scare you. 

3. A Bucket List is not a travel list. Travel is just one of 12 elements that make up a the designing of a full life plan. Other elements in the 12 Step Bucket List Blueprint system include; Conquering a fear, Kind Acts for others, Exressing yourself, Taking Lessons and Leaving a Legacy. 

Like to learn more about Travis Bell or get a copy of his book the My Bucket List Blueprint you'll find everything you need on his website HERE
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