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How to Design a Plan to get Your Business Thriving in 2021!
We all know 2020 has been a year of disruption. We have faced unprecedented challenges this year. But when a business, an industry or a sector gets disrupted you have two choices. 

You can ignore the changes going on around you or you can proactively begin to innovate your approach. 

In this episode, speaker, author and all-round good guy Gihan Perera shares some of the insights from his latest book about how to navigate the disruption caused by a global pandemic and how to build a plan that will see your business thriving again in 2021 and beyond. 
#65 How to Design a Plan to get Your Business Thriving in 2021
Innovative strategies to get your business growing again.
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Show Notes:

Peter Drucker, the management guru once wrote, "Business only has two primary purposes, Markeitng and Innovation, everything else is details".  In a year like no other, the businesses who will bounce back fastest and thrive quickest in the new economy will be those willing to innovate. 

Gihan's book provides a roadmap for navigating your way through change and building a plan to get your business thriving again in 2021 and beyond. 

Disruption is part of life. The only question is how will you respond? When Netflix disrupted the video hire business, Blockbuster the giant of the industry was too slow to respond, so they were consigned to history. 

As a small business you have a huge advantage over large companies. Your ability to pivot and change quickly is something you need to use to your advantage. 

Paul's Power Points.

1. This year having a plan is a smart idea, but don't stop at one plan. Make sure you also have a plan B, C and D and be willing to change as the market demands.
2. Six things to take into account when building your plan is summed up in the word PESTLE.


Grab your team and brainstorm any foreseeable issues you may encounter in any one of these areas.
3. Start Ooching. Ooching is a sailing term which is the act of trying something. When the wind dies, and your boat is not moving you need to try something new. In marketing you need to test and measure. You need to find the smallest viable marketing to test your ideas.

4. Engage your customers in helping you to innovate and improve your offering. But don't wait until after your service has been delivered to survey clients and get feedback, ask them for feedback as they go through the process. Get ideas from them in real time about how you can improve their experience and reduce friction points.

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