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How to Build the Perfect Hook Statement for Your Business!
Every business gets asked the question 'So what do you do?' but few people know how to answer it in a way that will generate interest from the person asking. 

In this episode we walk through a powerful and proven 4-Step framework for constructing a HOOK STATEMENT that will help you deliver a Clear, Concise and Compelling way to describe what you do. 

Once you adopt this strategy and make it your own you will have a REAL competitive advantage and become a standout in your field with the ability to attract more clients to your business. 
#64 How to Build the Perfect Hook Statement for Your Business
The 4-Step Framework for explaining what you do and attracting more clients.
Show Notes:

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As a marketer your job is NOT to convince people to buy from you, it's to help people discover why you are the best choice. 

One of the tools you need to develop to clearly and concisely communicate your value and point of difference is a HOOK STATEMENT. A Hook Statement is a structured 4-step framework that will help you eligently answer three critical questions:

1. What do you do?
2. How can you help me?
3. What makes you different?

Whether you are creating copy for your website, brochures or networking at a business event these are the questions any prospective customer will need answered. 

Paul's Power Points.


Step 1. Target Market. The first step to winning or losing the attention of an audience is lack of relevance. Nobody will pay attention if they think what you are saying is not for them or about them. That's why the first step of an effective hook statement is to clearly identify who you serve. The broader the niche you attempt to target the fewer people's attention you will grab.

Step 2. Problem. One of the primary buying drivers of people is to eliminate whatever pain or issue they have. When you talk about the common problems you solve you capture the attention of anyone struggling with that issue. Solving a problem is move persuasive than simply talking about the solution you offer.

Step 3. Method. This is where you create your point of difference, it's where your USP (unique selling proposition) lives. By briefly describing your proprietary framework, system or the process you follow to help your clients solve their problem you establish how you are different from your competitors. 

Step 4. Outcome. You finish your Hook Statement by describing the primary outcomes you create from them. Tell people what sort of impact your work has, do you increase income, profits or bottom line?? If so, tell us by how much. Do you create more freedom, less pain, or greater peace-of-mind? Let prospects know the results you generate. 

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