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The 6-Part Email Marketing Campaign Blueprint Every Business Needs!
For over 15 years I've been teaching business owners about the marketing principle we call the Rule of Six. 

The principle states that from the point of initial contact it's going to take you six (or more) meaningful contacts for you to turn a prospect into a customer. 

In this episode I walk you step-by-step through the process of building your own email campaign so you can successfully nurture and convert more clients. 
#62 The 6-Part Email Marketing Campaign Blueprint
Discover how to convert more prospects into paying customers.
Show Notes:

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Research by McKinsey & Co, shows that email is 40x more effective than social media. Email remains one of the most potent marketing tools available to any business.

A well designed email campaign provides you with the opportunity to:

   - Add value
   - Build trust
   - Develop a relationship
   - Demonstrate expertise 
   - And ultimately generate more sales.

Many business owners worry about bugging their customers by sending too many emails or making their emails too long. I am yet to meet the client who gets upset because they received too much value. 

If you ensure your emails are always seen as valuable then your prospect will welcome them and you will have the chance to develop a positive and ultimately profitable relationship where you get to provide your services and they get the help they need. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. The Welcome Email is the first email in your sequence, it's also likely to be your most read email you will send. The Welcome email is the one attached to whatever promised information you are sending to your prospect. Because they are keen to receive the promised resource they are on the look out for your email. It's important to maximise the value of this opportunity. In this moment you have your prospects attention (a precious resource) so make it count. 

2. In the music business when a song is added to the playlist on an FM station it is usually added to what they call High Rotation. The goal is to get you to hear the song six times as quickly as possible so you become familar with the melody and less likely to change the channel. The same principle applies in business. It will take you (on average) 6 to 12 contact points to move your prospect to being buyer ready. 


3. Opperating without a email nurture campaign in places forces you to try and convert leads when they are not yet ready to buy. Instead of applying a Lead to Sale mindset, good marketers develop a Lead to List mindset and then learn how to nurture their prospcts until they are ready to buy. This will help maximise your sales conversions. 

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