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How to Market to the World's most Powerful Consumer Group - Mums!
Mothers make up one of the most influential and powerful buying groups in Australia.  If you have a product or service that impacts the life of a mum or her family this episode is packed with gems for you.

Katrina McCarter is a data driven marketer who helps companies market and sell their products to mums. 

If mums are not part of your target audience, don't worry there is still plenty of valuable content here for you on the benefits of niche marketing and adjusting your message to attract your best buyers. 
#61 Marketing to the World's Most Powerful Consumer Group
The secret to marketing your business effectively to Mums!
Show Notes:

When a woman becomes a mum she is 8x more likely to be talking about brands. Motheres are a major influencer group, so if you are successful at winning over a mum, you not only get her as a customer. She will become a brand advocate and encourage others in her network to follow her lead. 

The most likely way a mum will connect with your business is by visiting your website on her phone. Her phone is one of her most valauble tools, so it's crucial that your website is mobile friendly, loads quickly and easy to navigate. 

Mums (like most consumers) don't like to be hard sold. They want brands to move slowly and earn their trust. But once they decided to become a buyer they are the most likely segment of your database to actively generate referrals for you.

Paul's Power Points.


1. Survey your existing customer base and ask them questions like:

     - How did they first discover you?
     - Why did they chose you?
     - What else could you help them with?

2. As the owner or CEO of the business set aside 30 minutes once a week to call as many new clients as you can to find out if they are happy with their experience and if there is anything you can do to improve. Simply making these calls will surprise and delight your new customers, not to mention the valuable insights you will gain from their answers. 

3. Take the time to clearly identify WHO your most profitable customer is and then design your business to attract them. Nothing will help a business grow faster than clarity of the target market. 

Like to learn more about Katrina McCarter, to grab one of her books or to learn more about marketing to mums? You'll find everything you need on her website HERE
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