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The Power of Social Proof to Drive the Buying Decision.
In a world where people have less time and more options, social proof plays an important role. It can help you to capture attention and convert prospects into customers.

In this episode we explore 5 different ways you can quickly and effectively provide proof of your expertise.

Research shows more than 70% of people look for social proof that a brand can deliver on it's promises before they make their buying decision. If you want to win more business, you need to offer more social proof. Listen now to find out how to do it.
#54 The Power of Social Proof to Drive the Buying Decision
Discover why testimonials are so important to your success
Show Notes:

Customers report they are 12X more likely to buy from a company after reading a postivie review than they are after reading sales material from a company. Today Social Proof is a critcal component of sales conversion.

If you want to ensure your sales and marketing yeild a better result you need to add more social proof. Your prospective customers want to know that you can help them before the buy. The most effective way to do this is with proof of the results you can produce. 

There are 5 powerful and proven tools available to any business. In this episode we explore the options and show you why they are so important to your results. If you want a low cost way to significantly increase sales, this episode is a must listen. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. When a prospect lands on your website they scan for information that confirms they have come to the right place. They are looking for signs of expertise and evidence that shows you have the ability to help solve their problem.

2. Prospects are far more likely to listen to what other customers say about you than they are to read your sales copy. That's why google reviews are so important for driving people to your website. 

3. Testimonials should always be integrated and not isolated. If you have a page on your website full of testimonals it's a waste of time. You need to sprinkle those testimonials throughout your site to demonstrate the outcomes your products or services create.  

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