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Why Live Chat is the Fastest Way to Increase Your Website Conversions!
Any serious business has a website, the question is how effective is your website at converting visitors into customers?

One of the most effective tools available to increase your conversion is the use of LIVE CHAT. If you are not familar with Live Chat, or not sure if it's right for your business, this episode will answer all your questions. 

My guest this week is Terry Wilson, founder of Chat Metrics and an expert in Live Chat. He shares a host of powerful reasons why if you have a website you should have live chat on it. Take a listen. 
#53 Why Live Chat is a Great Way to Increase Web Conversions
Everything you need to know about adding Live Chat to Your Website
Show Notes:

You might have a beautiful website, but does it generate customers? If you spend money to get people to your site it makes sense that you do everything you can to engage them while they are there. And one tool that allows you to provide a much better visitor experience is Live Chat. 

According to my guest this week, Terry Wilson most businesses enjoy at least a doubling of their sales qualified leads after adding Live Chat to their site. 

If you're looking for a real competitive advantage on your website, one that you can test for FREE, then Live Chat could be a toll that helps you win more customers for your business. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. Your live chat should pop up within the first 5 -10 seconds of a visitor being on your page. This is ike a sales assistant in a brick and morter store who greats you and asks if you need a hand? Even if the answer is NO, the visitor now knows that you are there if they need help. 

2. You can trial Live Chat on your site for free. One of the most popular Free Live Chat systems is offered by Tidio. You can check it out HERE 

3. If you decide to trail some free Live Chat on your site and you are manning it yourself, be sure to TURN OFF the service when you are not available as having an unattended chat service that tells the visitor to leave a message can have an adverse impact on your prospect. 

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If you want to learn more about the Terry Wilson does and his company Chat Metrics you'll find everything you need HERE
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