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How to Stay Optimistic in Challenging Times
There is no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year and no one could blame you for feeling a little flat from time to time. So, as we continue to face uncertain times the question is how do we remain optimistic?

My guest this week is Helen Mac. She is a optimism specialist. She works closely with leaders and companies helping them to work through challenges and remain positive, no matter the size of the issues they face. If you're looking for a shot in the arm and a little dose of positvity this episode is one for you.

#45 How to Stay Optimistic in Challenging Times
Why we need to apply an attitude of gratitude now more than ever
Show Notes:

The impacts of the coronavirus continue to be felt. Just as people started to think there was some light at the end of the tunnel, new outbreaks and spikes cause us to again head back into various phases of lock-down.  There's no deny these are challenging times and all of our resiliences are being tested. 

If you are looking for some practical ways to maintain a positive attitudethis episode is for you. Despite the difficults the truth is we can always find something to be grateful for. As my guest this week explains one of the keys to navigating this period is applying an attitude of gratitude. 

Perhpas the starting point for all of us is to have a reality check about where we are and what we can expect to achieve given the circumstances. By shifting our foucs from what we've lost to what we can still achieve we can dramatically shift the way we feel adn how we project ourselves to others. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. In challenging time's it's important to increase your communication with your team. As Helen describes it's team with a small "t". Your team is not limited to your employees. It extends to your clients, network, suppliers and friends. We need to stay in touch with all of these groups as they are the ones that make up our TEAM.

2. No matter how optimistic a person you are there's a good chance that you will have a few bad days as we work our way through these challenging times. In the event of hitting a low point the key is to know the places, people or activities that you can use to spark you out of the funk and back into a positive outlook. 

3. There is a big difference between being positive and being optimistic. The key difference to remember is that positive people think about how to stay upbeat, optimistic people take action to create a better state of mind. One is passive and one is active. 

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If you want to learn more about Helen Mac you'll find everything you need on her website HERE
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