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How to Narrow Your Marketing Message and Make it Radically Relevant 
Bill Cates latest book Radical Relevance explores why if you want your marketing message to cut through the noise and be heard you need to make it highly relevant. 

In this episode Bill outlines how to narrow the focus of your message. He shares lots of practical strategies from inside his latest book as well as plenty of exmaples of how companies are applying the priniciples of Radical Relevance to great effect. 
#43 How to Make Your Marketing Message Radically Relevant
Discover how to sharpen the focus of your marketing and cut through the noise.
Show Notes:

With customer estimated to be exposed to over three thousand commercial message EVERY DAY there's a lot of noise out there and it's only getting worse. The problem for ANYONE who sells ANYTHING is figuring out how to make sure their message gets heard. Bill Cates latest book suggests Radical Relevance allows us to do three things.

1. Sharpen your value proposition
2. Cut through the noise
3. Attract more ideal customers

Because the human brain is hard wired for survival first, when confronted with information the brain quickly looks for relevance. The question the brain is seeking to answer. "Is this information relevant?" Will this information help us survive or thrive? When the brain is required to burn too much energy trying to figure out relevance it simply shuts down and looks elsewhere for the answer.

As a marketer, if you don't hit your audience's relevance bullseye immediately you will be ignored. This episode shows you how to ensure that doesn't happen and how to create a compelling message that makes you interesting, memorable and highly relevant.

Paul's Power Points.


1. Don't ask your customers for referrals, ask them for introductions. Work with the customer to figure an approach that they would be comfortable with. When your customer introduces you, they automatically increase the relevance in the connection.   

2. A great question to ask your clients is..."If you were ever to introduce us to someone - what would you say about us? How would you talk about what we do? When your customer answers this question you will have a great picture of how they describe you and get a better sense of whether they truly understand your business.

3. Take a good look at all your marketing and see who the conversation is about. If you are talking about us, we, our then you are talking about the worng person. You need to make your messaging about the prospect. They are the star of the show. They are the hero, you are the guide. 

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