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How to Connect Your Profit and Purpose
It's the classic chicken and egg. Which comes first, finding your purpose or generating a profit. 

Let's face it a business that can't make a profit won't be a business for long. Conversely a business without a purpose can feel soulless for everyone who works there. 

In his book Connecting Profit with Purpose, Phil Preston reveals why the smartest business are making it a priority to connect the two. In this episode we explore how you can use these strategies to ignite your income generation and impact.
#75. Why Finding Your Purpose Is Key To Unlocking More Profit
Why the smartest businesses are connecting purpose and profit.
Show Notes:

Phil Preston left corporate Australia after he asked himself the big question, what am I doing with my life? He wanted more than job security and a pay packet. He wanted to do work that made a difference. So, he took the scary step of starting his own business built around a hunch. That you could combine profitable business activity with more purposeful work. 

His book Connecting Profit with Purpose proves that it is not only possible, it's the smartest thing a business can do. Over the next few years the question won't be, 'should I be more purposeful'. It will be an essential element of driving profit.

Paul's Power Points.

1. Be clear on what your business is about and recognise the distinction between activity and outcome. 

2. The first step towards a more purposeful business is to create a Purpose Statement that provides the filter through which you conduct business.

3. There is a difference between philantropic, being a responsible business and delivering true social strategic value. All are valid but increasingly businesses are recognising the economic benefit of the latter. 

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Like to learn more about Phil Preston or want to grab a copy of his book?  You'll find everything you need on his website HERE
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