Press GO on Your Marketing!

Join me on Friday October 18th at the Marketing Super Conference where I'll help you Press GO on becoming the GO TO person in your industry!

Hey, Paul McCarthy Here...
I want to invite you to join me a Special One Day event where we will work together to do something truly game changing for your business.

I've spoken around the world and hosted lot's of my own eve
nts, but at this years event I want to help you to PRESS GO on Transform Your Marketing so you can claim the Expert Position and Dominate Your Niche!
This is not just another conference. 
The 2019 Marketing Super Conference offers you the chance to put your stake in the ground by Claiming Your Expert Position. If you want to be SEEN, it's time to CLAIM THE EXPERT POSITION and showcase your talent to the world.
The goal of the event is simple, to help you to PRESS GO on Your Marketing and put your business in the  SPOTLIGHT. You are going to walk away with your own Category of ONE, personal BRAND BLUEPRINT and be set to rapidly transform your business results. 
The Marketing Super Conference is the place to come if you're ready to make things REALLY HAPPEN in your business. 
What makes this event so different?

This is a roll up your sleeves and make things happen event. You won't be sitting passively listening to a long list of speakers sharing theories. You will be ACTIVELY participating in the DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION of your own BRAND BUILDING game plan. This is to ensure over the next 12 months you are able to take your profile, brand and business to new heights.
If You Want To...
be challenged to accelerate,
to grow and to prosper.
collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs
learn how to leverage your talent and build your legacy.
tell the world you're ready
to Press Go on your dream.
Then this is the event for you.

All the action happens
Friday October 18th 2019
at the NAB Centre,
800 Bourke St, Docklands
in Melbourne.

Event runs from 9am until 5pm

Why is this so important to you now?

The world is noisier now than it has ever been. There are more things vying for the ATTENTION of your customer today than at any other previous point in history, and it's only getting worse.

With MORE choices available than ever before and far LESS time available to make the decisions, consumers are looking for how they can QUICKLY IDENTIFY the EXPERT in the field.

They want to know:

Who is the person or company they can TRUST?

Who has the skills and abilities to DELIVER what they need?

Who is the GO TO EXPERT and therefore the right choice?

Today more than ever, EXPERT POSITIONING has become an essential component of a BRANDS and individual business owners ability to CUT-THROUGH and GRAB THE ATTENTION of their customer. 

If you want to be SEEN you need to invest time into become the GO TO expert in your space. Ultimately, the growth of your business depends on your ability to demonstrate your knowledge, add massive value and establish a movemnet of people around what you do.

What I've learnt after more than 15 years of helping entrepreneurs to transform their businesses, is to enjoy real breakthroughs, business owners need to do two things:

1. Develop a Personal Brand that positions their Expertise and allows them to STAND OUT!

2. Eliminate any excuses, fears or reasons to procrastinate on taking the action required to Claim Their Niche.

This year's Super Conference is dedicated to helping you Press GO on Your Marketing and building a Personal Brand that will allow you to become the CLEAR CHOICE in your field.

I'm going to help you move beyond talking, planning and aiming to develop your BRAND POSITION, to making it happen for you NOW!

That's why this year you won't be hearing from lots of different speakers. Most of the time will be spent with me and each other, bringing your BRAND to life.

I've invited a couple of special guests to join me on stage to help you put your stake in the ground and take massive action.

If you have a partner bring them with you. If you have a team bring them along. This a day of action taking, so I encourage you to bring anyone who is going to help you execute your plan. The bottom line is I want you to make the most of this opportunity to Press GO on Your Marketing. 
Who Should Attend This Event

The Marketing Super Conference is ideal for any entrepreneur who is ready to start building their PERSONAL BRAND and recognises the need to CLAIM YOUR NICHE and POSITION YOUR EXPERTISE.

It's no longer enough to simply do good work. You need to become the STAND OUT option in your field if you want to be able to RAPIDLY ATTRACT and CONVERT more prospects into customers and customers into raving fans.  

I helped people from almost every industry imaginable to build POWERFUL PERSONAL BRANDS including:

Video production companies
Real estate agents
Financial planners
Event planners
Training Companies
Health Professionals
Property Managers
Online and Offline Marketers
Software consultants
HR Professionals
Virtual Assistants
Social media experts
Website Designers
Direct Sales companies
Caravan Parks
Mortgage Brokers
Office equipment suppliers Motels/Hotels
Aviation Industry
SEO specialists
Tourist Centres
IT Consultants
Stationary Suppliers
Yoga Teachers

No matter what industry you're in, if you want to build a BRAND that will allow for faster growth and higher profits, the Marketing Super Conference is for you!

 When you register you get instant access to 2 Cool Bonuses!
Enjoy exclusive access to a collection of 10 of Paul's most powerful marketing lessons.
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Super Conference Tickets
The Marketing Super Conference is a limited capacity event, with only 150 tickets available.
It takes place on Friday 18th October in Melbourne from 9am until 5pm. 
Regular Pass
Conference Access
Comprehensive Brand Builder Workbook
Press Go Blueprint to help nail your Niche
Extensive network and collaborative learning experience

VIP Pass

(Includes $600 of Additional Bonuses) 

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Comprehensive Brand Builder Workbook
Press GO Blueprint to help help your Niche
Extensive networking and collaborative learning experience
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You might have some questions.
I've got answers.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about the Marketing Super Conference. 

Is This Conference Right For Me?

The 2019 Marketing Super Conference will benefit any small business owner who is serious about developing their personal BRAND and improving their ability to market their talent. The day will be especially useful for anyone who wants to learn how to position themselves as the go to expert in their field. 

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Entrepreneur To Attend?

No. It doesn't matter if you've been in business for 2 weeks, 2 years or for 2 decades. All you need is a genuine desire to learn how to Press GO on your business dreams. The conference will give you a proven framework for positioning your expertise, attracting more clients and building a profitable business, no matter how long you've been in operation.

Why Is This Event So Important?

The marketplace is getting noisier by the day, making it increasingly difficult for you to seperate yourself from the pack. It has never been more important than it is now for you to learn how to build a BRAND that allows you to STAND OUT from the crowd. 

Is lunch provided? 
No lunch is on you, so feel free to pack some snacks, otherwise there are plenty of places near by to grab a bite. 

uld I bring my team? Yes, we would encourage you to bring anyone who will play a role in helping you execute your plans over the next 12 months. 

What If I Have More Questions Before I Register?

If you didn't find the answer to your question here, simply email the team at [email protected] or call the office on 1300 788 839 during business hours and they'll get back to you soon. 


Secure Your Seats Today.