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The 4 Streams of Communication Every Business Needs.
One of the most important yet difficult things for any entrepreneur to learn, is how to communicate their value, uniqueness, and talent without sounding boastful. 

Skilled marketers understand their success hinges on their ability to communicate effectively across the full customer journey.

From creating content that capture the attention of a prospect through to converting that prospect into a buyer. It all relies on developing an effective communication strategy for your business. 

In this episode we explore in detail the four essential communication streams every business needs to have as part of their marketing system.
#58 The 4 Streams of Communication Every Business Needs
Discover the keys to communicating your value, uniqueness and talent to the world.
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Show Notes:

One reason many businesses struggle to attract and convert the volume of clients they need is because they don't have a solid communication strategy.

There are four ESSENTIAL Communication Streams every business needs to have. Without these strategies in place you will be inevitably be missing out on sales that could have been yours.

The journey to more effective content creation starts with deepening your understanding of WHO your customer really is. The clear the picture you have of your ideal customer the more persuasive your copy and content will become.

Paul's Power Points.


Stream 1. Attract.

You must be producing content that will attract the attention of your ideal customer. The secret is to create content that they care about. Content that focuses on helping them to solve their problems rather than driving out sales messages about who you are and what you do. 

Stream 2. Connect. 

Once you have attracted attention you need to create content that is so compelling that it causes the prospect to give you their contact information (name and email) in exchange for access to your resource. Building valuable lead magnets that prospects want is critical to your ability to establish a relationship with your prospect.

Stream 3. Nurture.

Once you have established a connection between you and your prospect you now need to nurture them. This means being ready and able to deliver a constant stream of valuable content. Allowing you time to demonstrate expertise, build trust and establish a relationship.

Stream 4. Convert.

The final stream of communication you need to build is an automated sales funnel that leads your prospect to a logical sales point. If done correctly your prospect will be much more predisposed to the idea of buying from you now that you have taken the time to develop a relationship, build trust, demonstrate expertise and add massive value to them.

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