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10 Powerful Copywriting Secrets Any Business Can Use To Win More Customers.
The words you use to communicate what you do - matter. They Matter a LOT! 

The ability to write great copy is a skill every business owner either needs to develop or they need to hire someone who knows how to write great copy.

The words you place on your website and in your marketing materials have a huge impact on whether you are able to ATTRACT ATTENTION, and ultimately win a customer. 

In this episode I share 10 Powerful Copywriting Secrets ANY business can apply to producing better results.
#51 10 Powerful Copywriting Secrets Any Business Can Use
Discover how to make everything you write more potent and persuasive.
Show Notes:

Gary Halbert was one of the world's greatest direct response copywriters. His copy produced millions of dollars in sales for his clients and his strategies have been used, taught and shared by thousands of copywriters who have followed in his footsteps. Including me. 

When it comes to describing the power of the written word to influence, pursuade and win business I think Gary Halbert said it best. "The Written Word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe."

Perhaps the BIGGEST MISTAKE made by business owners is they spend a small fortune on having a website built and even more on advertising and promoting what they do. At the same time they pay little attention to the WORDS they use and as a consequence, they miss out on making sales they could have made, every single day. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. Every business owner needs to make sure these 10 Copywriting Strategies are being applied on their websites, blog posts, emails and social media posts. 

2. If you try and write to everyone you end up writing to no one. The first thing every copywriter does is learn to write to ONE person. You need to create a clear picture of your ideal customer avatar and write to that one person.

3. People don't read they scan. That means your copy needs to be scannable. Make sure you write in short sentences. LEave plenty of white space and use BOLD HEADINGS to make things stand out. 

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