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The Art of Managing Conflict
Conflict is an inevitable part of all our lives, the real question is how do you respond to conflict situations? When difficult conversations need to be had do you tackle them head on, or do you duck and weave and avoid them as long as possible. 

No matter whether you are a person who thrives under pressure and enjoys managing conflict, or you are someone who avoids conflict at all costs, this week's episode is packed with great ideas to help you reduce conflict whenever it arises, with respect, skill and grace. 
#46 The Art of Managing Conflict
How to have difficult conversations without damaging the relationship
Show Notes:

While conflicts are a part of life, we can create environments and cultures that minimise the chance of conflict. We can create relationships that are robust enough for us to be able to have difficult conversations without risking long-term damage. 

Building a positive workplace culture requires us to have a clear strategy for conflict resolution. If we allow conflicts to go unchecked, resentment is likely to grow and what starts as a gap grows into to gulf that we find difficult to bridge.

Whether we find ourselves in a conflict with a staff member or boss, a supplier or customer, a family member or partner or even with ourselves, we need to make sure we have acquired the skills, language and approach to tackle the issue specifically and respectful to ensure a successful resolution. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. Successful conflict resolution starts with the right MINDSET. If we are upset or disappointed by someone's actions or behaviour, we need to make sure we have allowed some space and time to calm ourselves and get into the right state of mind to have a considered rather than emotionally drive conversation. 

2. Whenever we find ourselves in conflict, we need to separate the person from the problem. We need to remove the emotion and tackle the issue. We need to think about how we will have the conversation and develop our own set-play (a practiced routine) for how we will communicate our concerns or frustrations. 

3. The language we use when having a difficult conversation while play a significant role in whether the situation is resolved or further in flamed. A key to success is to use 'I' Statements. I feel, I'm disappointed, I'm uncomfortable instead of You, did this, You said that, You make me feel...

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