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The Survival Trap
This book is a gift for any business who is tired of all the negativity associated with the coronavirus and is looking for some practical, proactive steps they can take to generate sales again.
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Four Essential Steps for Businesses to Successfully Navigate the Coronavirus.
Change the Conversation
Innovate your approach
Communicate with Empathy
Maximise the Value of Your Time.
It's time to stop talking about COVID-19 and start talking about how you will respond.
Your previous sales methods may no longer be viable, so let's starting exploring new options.
While we can acknowledge the challenge you must focus on resorting confidence and hope.
Use your time wisely to ensure your emerge from this period ready to grow again.
About The Author
Paul McCarthy is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author and one of Australia's premeir small business marketing specialists.
Over the past 15 years Paul has guided thousands of business owners (from almost every industry imaginable) to enjoy superior results.

The Survival Trap was originally released in 2008 in response to the global recession. Offering people a positive alternative to the endess stream of negative dialogue. The arrival of the Coronavirus has again thrust the world into a negative spiral.

The Survival Trap offers a roadmap to to a shift in thinking and an alternative pathway to tackling the challenges you face.  

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