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How To Use Your Smartphone To Grow Your Business.
Many of us have spent a small fortune buy various gadgets, devices, apps and tools to help us grow our businesses (or maybe that's just me :-). 

But perhaps the only tool we really needed was in our pocket the whole time? 

My guest this week, Julian Mather spent years working as a professional cameraman for the ABC, BBC and National Geographic. And he says the only camera we need these days to make great marketing videos is a smartphone. 
#82. How to Use Your Smartphone to Grow Your Business
Discover how to quick create customer generating videos on your phone
Show Notes:

We know that video is an important part of modern marketing. Consumers love video. It helps them to gather information from companies quickly. And in a world where customers demand things to be easy, video is a must. 

The problem is many business owners have dismissed video as being too expensive and difficult to produce, so have avoided producing the video content their customers so desperately want. 

But the good news is you don't need to hire a video production team or spend thousands of dollars to create an effective video for your business. No the only tool you need is in your pocket. 

Your smartphone is arguably your most powerful marketing tool. And it has everything you need to start producing your own customer generating content. 

Paul's Power Points.

Julian shared so many fantastic tips in this episode. Most important was the fact that you can produce good quailty video content without spending a cent. 

1. Level, Locate, Lock.

Julian explains there are three things you need to do when setting up your smartphone to record video footage. 

- LEVEL - Always set the camara at your eye level

-LOCATE - Locate where the lense is on your smartphone

- LOCK - Lock your gaze on the lense so you are making eye contact with your audience

2. Listen for, Look out, Lock off.

Julian explained the three steps to capturing the best footage are:

- To make sure your audio is good enough LISTEN FOR any background noise.

- To make sure the lighting is ok LOOK OUT the window and use the natural light. 

- To make sure you don't distract people with movement LOCK OFF your smartphone so it remains still.

3. Before you hit the record button - SMILE - it's the universal rapport building tool we all have so use it. 

4. Just getting started with video. The best place to start is by making some shrt videos for your dead leads. People you've been trying to get in touch with without success. They are the perfect place to start. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As Julian points out you'll be surprised how many people will respond to your personalised video to them. 

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