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How to Charge More For Your Services and Get It!
What's your pricing strategy? Do you have one? 

If you are like so many business owners you are not earning what you are worth. 

Without doubt one of the fastest ways to grow the bottomline profits of a business is to charge more. 

If you know you offer great value but have been afraid to raise your prices this episode reveals how to do it successfully. If you want to start earning more, you'll want to make it a priority to listen to what Andrew shares in this interview. 
#77. How to Charge More For Your Services - And Get It!
Why you don't need to be afraid to raise your prices and earn what you're worth
Show Notes:

When it comes to pricing your services where do you sit on the curve. Are you the low cost bargin basement, the mid-range option or the premium choice?

If you are like so many business owners the way you arrived at your pricing strategy was by considering three factors.

1. What was the competition charging?

2. What you thought customers would be willing to pay?

3. What you believed you were worth?

After working with thousands of business owners I've discovered one of the fastest ways to help them become more profitable is to challenge their pricing. 

They way most people arrive at their chosen price point is flawed and while it may take a little convincing, most businesses could easily increase their price and boost their profits without impacting their sales. Yet they don't. Why? Because they are afraid. 

In this episode we explore HOW and WHY you need to put up your prices and become the premium supplier in your field. 

Paul's Power Points.

1. The first thing you need to decide is what sort of business you want. Do you want to be seen as a bargin basement option or as a premium provider. 

2. Ask yoursellf do you have the ability to play at the top end and charge a premium for what you do? 

3. Get over all the self-doubt and fear and step into your value. 

4. Being the premium option is about more than simply charging the most. It's about providing a total customer experience that demonstrates at every stage of the process why you are worth more than your competitors. 

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