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7 Universal Laws of Sales Success (that every business owner needs to know).
My guest this week is author of the must read book 7 Universal Laws of Selling, Ian Stephens. In this interview Ian explains why so many entrepreneurs find selling so difficult and how to overcome any sales reluctance you feel so you can start to win more business, more oftern with a lot less stress.

If you run a business having the ability to generate sales activity is crucial. Knowing how to do it consistently and successful will ensure you enjoy much greater results. 

As Ian explains, the secret to sales success is not found in one big magic bullet solution. Improved results come from make dozens of little tweaks to key elements of your sales process. 

#48 The 7 Universal Laws of Sales Success
Discover the art and science of selling successfully.
Show Notes:

How healthy is your sales pipeline. If you just said what sales pipeline? We have a problem. If you want a profitable business you need to consistent flow of prospects coming into your sales pipeline so you cna nurture and convert enough leads into customer to generate the income that you want. 

If selling is one of those words that sends a shiver down your spine thise episode will help you overcome any sales reluctance that you feel. Ian shares a host of simple, practical and highly effective strategies to help improve your chances of winning the business. 

You'll discover the most crucial things you need to measure, the activities you need to embrace and the one percenters that will make the big difference to your bottom line. If your sales results need a shot in the arm, this episode will be a great springboard for increased sales. 

Paul's Power Points.


1. If you want to maintain a good cash flow and a healthy income coming in you need to maintain a balance in the time you dedicate to three key areas. 

> Time spent Prospecting
>Time spent Securing
>Time spent Retaining

2. If you write proposals or provide quotes one simple tip that can make a big difference is to refer to your document as a Suggested Action Plan. Just this simple change can make your quotation stand out from your competitors.

3. If you don't see yourself as a salesperson, it might be that you have a negative mental picture of what selling is. If you want to reframe your thinking uses the S.E.L.L acronym.

Share - what you can do.
Energy - put energy into understanding your prospects needs.
Listen - Carefully to what they say
Learn - About them before you offer a solution

Follow this framework and you can eliminate sales reluctance forever. 

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If you want to learn more about Ian Stephens and the programs he offers you'll find everything you need on his website HERE
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