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How to Develop a Champion Mindset
Your success as a business owner relies heavily on your mindset. The ability to maintain a positive growth mindset, even in the face of challenges is the thing that separates the average from the champions.

My guest this week is Eric Bailey. Eric had to overcome incredible odds to realise his dream of being a professional basketballer. He played in the NBA and NBL and today travels the world teaching students and corporate audiences how to develop the mindset of a champion. If you're looking for a dose of inspiration and want to know how to cast a powerful vision for your life, this episode is for you.

#41 How to Develop a Champion Mindset and Winning Attitude
Discover how to cast a powerful vision for your life from this former basketball star.
Show Notes:

This episode is a powerful example of what is possible if you are willing to do the work. Eric Bailey had lots of reasons why he could have given up on his dream to be a basketballer. From doctors who said he wouldn't be able to run due to a bone issue to coaches who cut him from the team. But Eric had a vision for his life and despite all the obstacles and challenges that life put in his path he succeeded in achieving what many thought was impossible.

The truth is our greatest learning opportunities come from facing difficulties and overcoming them. Champions don't hide from challenges they look for them. They recognise it's only by being uncomfortable that you can expand and grow who you are.

Paul's Power Points.

Eric shared lots of great ideas in this episode, but three that jumped out to me were...

1. Create a vision board. The clearer you make your vision, the more often you see it in front of you, the more likely it is to become your reality.

2. If you ask yourself a better question you can get a better answer. The question that changed Eric's life was this...If you could change a few things in your life that would change the trajectoy of your life would you be willing to do it?

3. Success starts by surrounding yourself with the right people and having the courage to let people know (even those who love you), that they need to keep their doubt and negativity to themselves. 

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