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The Most Important Tools You Need To Succeed Online

One thing the Coronavirus has done is sharpen the focus of business leaders on the need to create a stronger online presence for their company. The next challenge is knowing which tool to choose? With so many options available it can be a difficult decision. To help you cut through the confusion, I've decided to pull back the curtain and shared the tool we use to drive our online business.

I started putting serious focus into growing the online component of my business over two years ago. After several false starts, many challenges and some costly mistakes I finally found the right tool. In my opinion it's the most comprehensive, cost effective and easy to use tool on the market. It has been a game changer for my business. In this week's podcast I speak to found John Lint, about the challenges of getting started online, the keys to accelerating success, and the tool's, strategies and mindset you need to succeed.

The tool is called 10Xpro and you can learn all about it HERE

#34 The most important tools you need to succeed online
When you have the right tools, strategies and mindset winning online becomes easy.
Episode #34 Running time 57:31
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Warwick: Welcome to the marketers club podcast. The show all about helping you work smarter earn more and accelerate your success. And now here's your host Paul McCarthy.

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Paul: So welcome to episode 34 of the marketers club podcast I am your host Paul McCarthy and I'm here to help you market your talent so you can earn what you're worth and ultimately make more of a difference in the world. Great to have your company again and of course if you're joining the show for the first time welcome aboard. Great to have you here. Now it looks like the life of isolation is going to continue for a little longer. Certainly here in Australia we're looking at at least another four weeks at best. Before we start to see any sort of release on the restrictions of our movements and social distancing and all that sort of thing so we're going to continue to live our life this way and so I think one of the things that many businesses looking to do is how they can pivot to get more online business start to drive business from an online perspective. So I was fortunate to have a bit of a head start on a lot of people because I have been pivoting my business and growing the online dimension of my business for the last few years.

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Paul: You know a big part of my business has always been speaking so I've enjoyed the opportunity to get out travel around the world and speak to audiences of business owners and it's of cause something that I look forward to getting back to one day soon that we are allowed to get back together in rooms and and have events like seminars and conferences I really enjoy that and I look forward to doing that and educating people that way again. But of course as a reality for any keynote speaker is that you can't teach people everything they need to know about a subject in 60 minutes from a stage and certainly that's the reality for marketing.

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Paul: So I felt if I was going to really deliver value to all of the audiences that I got to speak to that I also needed to develop an online component of my business where deeper learning was possible where they could go and dive into a continuous base of learning whether it's a short course or longer programs. So we needed to provide a platform an opportunity for people to really learn these skills because we see how fundamental they are how important they are to the transformation of a business. So I started looking around and diving into all of the different options available. And I've got to say I made some costly mistakes along the way and things that took a lot of time and money and didn't work out the way that I was hoping that they would. And then one day a good friend of mine Brad Hauck who I featured in Episode 4 so 30 episodes ago of the podcast where he shared some ideas on how to drive online traffic now Brad's a gun at the whole online marketing world so I really trusted his advice and he recommended a program to me that he thought was one of the best around.

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Paul: So I explored that opportunity and and I have haven't looked back since and so what I want to do today is really pull back the curtain on the software system that we use that drives our business success. It's a brilliant tool that's really enabled us to do so many things to grow a large list of customers that we serve to deliver podcasts like this everything we do is supported by this platform so I wanted to share that with you. So I've asked the founder of 10Xpro John Lint to come onto the show today to share with you how you can start to make the transition to online. Now we've set up a Resources page on the website so if you go to you'll find a link to all of the resources that we like to use in our business. Now I will we'll say that those links we are affiliates to those programs so if you choose to click through that link we do stand to make a commission from that but you can rest assured that the only reason you'll find a link on those pages is because they are tools that we use. They are tools that we have used and we trust and so we're really trying to shortcut for you having to go through some of the expensive mistakes that we made along the way when we were trying to figure out all of this online marketing stuff.

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Paul: So these are the tools that we've used and continue to use to help us to grow the online aspect of our business so you will find all of those at So if you want a quick guide to help you get to the tools that you want you'll find all of them sitting there for you. And we'll continue to add to those other tools that we use. But that's my promise to you the only tool you'll ever hear me recommend is a tool that I've used and I trust and I know that it can deliver results for you. And before we dive into our conversation with John Lint I want to tell you about a very special treat that I have for you at the end of this podcast. So for those of you who are music lovers I've got a little treat for you right at the end so make sure you stick around to the end of the show and enjoy a special little musical treat that I have for you. Anyway I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. Let's dive into my conversation with founder of 10Xpro John Lint. So John Lint welcome to the marketers club podcast it's great to have you on the show.

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John: Hi. How are you.

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Paul: I'm great mate thanks for joining me now I think clearly we're in a time where there's a lot of transition happening in the world there's lots of challenges for people in business and there's gonna be many people sort of scurrying if you like to get online and figure out the whole online world. You're a you've been gun at the whole online business built a great business and in fact my journey to 10xpro your company was one that was based on probably a frustration that a lot of people have which is I was trying to build the membership site and getting people doing it and try and get all these things plugged in and having lots of frustrations. And then it was a good friend trusted friend of mine that recommended 10xpro to me and I've been a member ever since and I haven't looked back and we have a lot of great results as a result of your platform. So first of all oh thanks very much for putting it together. So thank you. So for people that aren't familiar with 10x pro maybe you could give us a little bit of the origin. Where did this come from why did you start 10xpro?

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John: Yeah. You know 10XPRO is basically an online platform where we help you create the pages that you need for your online business. If you want to have a membership site you can do it there. You can create online courses sell them online and do all sorts of different marketing campaigns that you might want to do if you want to do a launch or webinar or sales pages anything that you need. Our goal is to give you all the tools that you need to succeed online. That's basically what we want to do because we were doing a ton of what we call in our business funnels and a funnel. It's basically a series of imagined pages online that you need to drive a sale or to convert someone from a visitor to a client. Then we usually use a funnel or a series of pages to go through the whole customer experience to give them some value help them with their problems and then once we have our product then we can make an offer so that they can buy. So we had an agency when we were creating those funnels for clients over all over the world. And one of the challenges when you have an agency is time whenever your team spends a ton of time doing something it's the problem because you want to make sure we spend as less time as possible you know tasks that way whenever you're charging as a service provider then time becomes very important. So we basically started to develop that platform where our team could be able to set up entire funnels very advanced funnels we've very advanced automation which is what we were selling. But without having to use a bunch of tools without having to spend days creating all the pages from scratch. So that's how 10XPRO started where we needed a way for my team to with one button being able to create an entire webinar campaign and if you don't know what a webinar campaign is is kind of like an event that is happening online. It's basically a series of strategic pages that are happening that will allow you to sell your products online. So in any case it's just a funnel.

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John: A little marketing campaign that you can use. And we needed my team to be able to create those campaigns very fast and that's how it started. Then more and more people got involved. I hooked up with different experts that wanted different things like for example my good friend James Schramco and we work very closely with his community and then we started to add a bunch of more features on top of each other because the goal is all the tools that you need to succeed online without having to buy this and that. And because at the end of the day we are entrepreneurs we're not tech support people. So if you are working in your online business if you're thinking about going online the last thing you need to do is to deal with tech. Let us take care of that. Use a tool that allows you to do as much as possible. That way you don't have to be dealing with a ton of tools because the problem that happens as well when you're dealing with a ton of tools is that if anything breaks now you need to figure out what broke. What is the source of the problem?Who should I talk to. Should I contact this support deck or that one or that one or that one. You have multiple people that you need to talk to. With us the goal is that if anything happens you only have one point of contact which is our support desk. And then you just figured out and everything is fine. So for us that's very important and that's why we built 10XPRO and that's why a lot of people are switching to us. And that's what we do.

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Paul: And certainly from my point of view I can attest to the value of the platform and the ease in which you put everything together for us to be able to plug things in and as you say I'm a long long way from being a tech person you know techs not my thing. You took away a big big headache for me which was it was brilliant I guess what I'd like to do if we can. You've got incredible expertise in this space and I know there's gonna be a lot of people that trying to figure out how to make this transition to online. So clearly I'm a fan of 10xpro and I'm going to recommend to people and we'll explain to people how to get involved in that if they want to get an easy platform to start doing this. Well let's just talk about some of the mechanics of things that people are going to need to do. So if I'm starting out online for the first time I'm making a bit of a transition with my business. What are some of the first things I need to be thinking about. What's my my pathway to success.

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John: So easy when we talk about an online business is you are going to be selling something online right. You are going to be accepting payments online. Your customers are going to go to some kind of sales page and buy your product. So the first thing is usually they're actually different kinds of online businesses what is it that you are going to be selling right. Are you going to be selling maybe consulting sessions like you and I are maybe are doing now. Right. We are talking one on one. Maybe some people are doing that which is you have now a coaching offer or a consulting offer. A lot of people are doing that. A lot of people who are wearing the health visas now are moving to something like this. It's a bit more digital. Maybe you're selling done for use services. So for example in our space we have a lot of service providers like maybe someone who is going to manage Facebook ads or someone who is going to create pages or whatever right. So if you're going to be providing a service that's something that you can sell as well or you're going to do that if you're going to package your information and your knowledge and sell it online. So if you are an expert in a specific topic if you have been helping people we saw specific problems that you can absolutely leverage technology and start selling access to that knowledge right. And the way you can do it is again multiple ways you can do it by creating a course where you help people go from point A to Point B meaning that you are helping them get a specific result and to be able to get the specific result they need to do a series of things well you can easily because you are an expert you can map that out then you can create content about it and that becomes what we call a course.

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John: Right. Something else you could do is that you could create what's called a membership site where you now have a community and maybe you're offering one and one calls like we're doing now or maybe you're offering group calls where you are getting questions from people and you're answering them online helping them out maybe you are creating little courses inside your membership sites or maybe you have just a community where people can go out and help each other and you also are there as the administrator and you moderate everything and you make sure that community is engaged and you're helping them out. Right so different things that you can do. So but first is to cut clarity on what is it I'm going to sell right. That's number one. OK I'm going to do that. That's what I want to do. I can do that and to help you decide. I always say to members well what can you do the fastest. What is going to help you make money the fastest as well. If you are very comfortable you are a coach already and you know exactly how to do one on one debt and it's very easy to start doing one on ones if you are an expert in the topic and you know exactly how you could create a course on helping them out get a specific result and you can easily do that right then. Then there are different things in play that we can maybe talk about during the call but then obviously you know what you're going to sell then is all about getting that marketing strategy going right. And there are different phases the what the one of the first phase is to attract people to you. You want to attract people to your Website if you're using all 10xpro Website you want to attract them there and you're going to do this in multiple ways. There are multiple ways to get traffic to your Website. That can be advertising that can be content like you're doing now Paul or it can be by being a guest on someone else's show which is what I'm doing right now. And our guests on your show is going to drive traffic to our business. You can do a you get some partners on board they're going to drive traffic to use our different ways that you can do that and we can talk in greater details about this later if you want but that's the first face attraction attraction to you. The next phases capture capture in a way where you are able and that is a beautiful thing. An online business is that because of the tools we are able to communicate with our audience very easily. You don't need to create an ad on a newspaper.

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John: You don't need to print flyers you can just easily communicate with your audience. With messages by sending them personal e-mails e-mails that are going to help them again solve their problems or so you know get them a specific result. That's what you want to do. And to be able to do as what we call the second face capture because we are getting that traffic and we want to capture it we want to be easy convert those visitors into subscribers basically now they're telling us yes we want more from you we want more content we want more valuable tips or anything like that. Great. And now you have a great way an awesome way to communicate with them by sending them emails or communicating in your social media but we do prefer to build an email list because now you are in complete control of your business. Right. Well I'm not here to build Facebook business. I'm not here to build YouTube's business or Instagram's business. Those guys have enough money. What we want to do is build our own business. And when you want to build your own online business it's all about building your own audience. And the best way that we all do it is by building a list of e-mail subscribers. Because now we can send a full load of messages. This is very important to understand because that is the key to be able to do online marketing campaigns. You will need to let them know about your offers multiple times not just one time. Because the reality is that people are not going to buy straight away. So you might want to have different campaigns different funnels which is what I've mentioned before. Different strategic elements in place to always provide value but always at the same time let them know that if they want to take the next step they're ready to get even more results. Then we can take access. We can buy a purchase access to your programs whether it's coaching your online courses or your membership sites. And that's basically the conversion phase where you're now converting subscribers in to customers. So that is basically like the big overview of what an online business is and what the what are the important things that we need to do attract capture and then convert.

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Paul: What's a great overview John for people to understand the big picture of what might need to be doing. So let's talk a little bit about some of the specifics and the the components that we need. So you've been doing this a long time. You've helped lots of people to be successful online. People are in a bit of pain at the moment and they need to move pretty quickly they've got to attract an audience. What are your tips for some of the fastest things I could create or produce that are going to help me to would attract an audience.

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John: Yeah somebody put one of the first one of the fastest ways is doing exactly what I'm doing now find other people with audiences. Be a guest on their show. That is one thing that anybody can do at a time of course you need to have something of value to provide it to that host. And think about it. This is exactly how all the movies are released right. When you have a new movie Brad Pitt if he's the actor he goes into someone's show. He says something you know something a couple of things are interesting and say now everybody is aware that the new movie is coming out OK great right. So they are a guest on someone else's show so that's something that you can do so well wherever you are in whatever market identify who the players are. Right. If you are in the yoga market. Well I'm sure there's a ton of people that have YouTube channels about yoga right. And look at OK look at that they have so many followers. Great. But maybe approach them and say hey are these awesome new exercise program and it's all about providing value to those people. Right you're going to provide value provide content. I'm doing that right now trying to help out trying to share some of our tips. That's what I'm doing. You can absolutely do the same in your market wherever you are. Right. If someone has a podcast like you Paul then reach out to them and see if you can be a guest if they have a big Facebook group or a Facebook audience reach out and see if you can provide some content or do some type of partnership right there that is actually one of the fastest right because you can get attraction straight away. Now of course you have other strategies available such as yeah OK you're going to provide content to other people but you also might want to start creating your own content.

00:19:09:12 - 00:20:44:03
John: The reality is that that's great but you will take some more time obviously because now you're publishing on your brand new YouTube channel you will take some time to get some traction. Right. But as long as you provide valuable content right now that what's most important is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Right. Quality content then people will discover it if you share it in social media. If you share it in groups and forums These are some of the fastest ways as well. It's all about connecting with people as well you know and be able to be ready to do the extra work something that is working really well right now he's for example participating in groups that are in your market and providing value to that group whether that's a Facebook group or a forum a maybe a private forum that easing your market. These these are great ways for you to interact with other people see the problems that they have. Help them out there. And by doing so they will see OK well this person is cool. They just help me here. Great. Let's find out more about that. Right. So it's a it's a little bit of work that you can do. That's way published stuff online and all those different channels. Right. Something else that works well is that if you have an offer that converts a good offer and you want to attract other partners to do so that they can reach out to their audience to let them know about your product then that's something as well that you can do maybe at a later stage but it's a fast way for you to get a ton of traffic because now again you're leveraging other people's audience.

00:20:44:05 - 00:21:51:19
John: And I think that's the most important thing to remember is how can you leverage other people's audience at the very beginning. A cool strategy that I used to do way way back is. For example I created a brand new course and an entire course. And what I did is I reach out to a few players that were selling courses about not not the same kind of topic but in the same in the same market. Right. So for example during the fitness space and you have a great I don't know a six pack program you could reach out to someone who is in the diet space or who has maybe a workout program but maybe I'll add something else. Well you could maybe make a deal with them where they could give your entire course for free to his members. And you might be thinking well humming the How am I going to make money here. Well at the very beginning you're not but you're going to be attracting a ton of people to you. You'll be you're going to be capturing all of those guys. And now you'll have the most important thing that you need to have in your online business which is your own audience. Because now let's say I give out that course to a few people and I build a list of maybe 1000, 2000, 5000 people.

00:21:51:21 - 00:22:41:20
John: Now have 5000 people that I can communicate with. And if I if I listen to their needs I listen to what they're what are their problems. And actually offer the solution to those problems it's very easy for me to continue to provide value and then let them know hey I heard you. I know that you are struggling with this. I'm going to be creating a brand new course about this. Let me know what else you would like to learn when I create that course. And then you're basically building that course with them and then you can easily let them know. Asked on the course is now ready if you want. Here's how to get it. Here's what he will do for you and here's how to buy it. Basically. So different strategies and think about that. How can you leverage other people's audience if you are starting out. That's one of the best strategies that my members are using in 10XPRO to really boost their business very very fast.

00:22:41:22 - 00:23:54:06
Paul: So I don't want this to be missed because you've alluded to really one of the most crucial parts as a marketer as we get started and I think it's perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are looking at their marketing is you're teaching everybody here that the important thing is what are you going to give away. First without kind of the expectation too many people wander into the marketplace with whom here's my thing I'm trying to sell and I haven't built any relationship that I haven't given any value. So in all of your examples you what you're encouraging everybody to do is really figure out how to give value first really. So first rate later. And don't be wandering in with the very first thing being I've got something to sell you being your strategy. So that's great advice. Now one part of that obviously is you mentioned that we first got to attract them we've got to capture. So we've got to have something that's compelling enough for somebody to give us the details to stop building a list of people. So what would be the most effective strategies for us to apply right now for people getting started in terms of list building strategy what thing could they offer in exchange for some data.

00:23:54:10 - 00:25:44:05
John: Right. So there are multiple strategies available to some of the things that have been working very well for our members. You can create a resource guide you can create some kind of cheat sheet maybe a video that helps you talk about helping them solve a specific problem. That's the most important thing. We're not just talking about a training video. With a tip or just some documents. It's about solving a pressing problem that they have. Right. So if you can if I mean if I'm trying to lose weight and you're showing me five things I need to do to lose X amount of pounds that's obviously going to help me solve my problem. So I might want that. And if the only thing I need to do is to give you my name and e-mail in exchange for that resource whether it's a PDF document or maybe a video quick short video or maybe it's a like in my previous example maybe it's a little course that you create. Right. And when we talk about course it doesn't have to be a huge thing. You can be just a page with maybe three videos. Right. That is considered a little mini course. Right. You bottom line when you when we talk about a course is something that is going to help someone go from point A to Point B. After we go through the course do we get a specific result. Right. So it can be a cheat sheet a video a mini course video. It could also be a live session online maybe a live event that you do you could do that on Facebook or on YouTube or just basically do like the webinar but it's just a live event and in there you could be answering questions right. You could say Hey ask me any question you may have and I'm going to answer them here and you could do that. Different things that you can give away but the most important thing is that what can you give away in exchange for an email address.

00:25:44:07 - 00:27:13:18
John: What is something of value that is going to solve a specific problem. Those keywords I'm using on purpose and very very important specific problems how to solve a specific problem. And if you do that then it's a no brainer. Say yeah okay I want the solution to that problem. This is very interesting. If I get that I'm going to be able to do it. For example I could give you a resource guide that is going to show you the eleven things that you need to do to set up your own business. Most people are going to find that's interesting. Yeah. I want to I want to get that and it's a fair deal in exchange for an e-mail address. You get that thing. So that's that's pretty much what we do and that's something that anybody can do. It's just a matter of thinking about OK what can I what kind of value can provide and creating that little document or that little video and then offering it online. And the way you offer it online without going into too many details is we've had a mini list building type of campaign which is usually two pages in the first page you tell them enter your name and e-mail to get this thing. Describe the thing that they're going to get. What is it that he's going to do for them and then the next pages a thank you page. Thank you very much. I've sent that thing to your email address. Check it out. It should arrive in a few minutes. If you want to keep it simple you only need two pages and that's it. Now you're building your email list and people are joining what we call your emailing system your email list and you now are able to communicate with those people.

00:27:13:22 - 00:28:28:08
Paul: Again great advice and I just want to delineate for people a couple of things. One I think again is a big problem that a lot of people have is they haven't done the work to understand their audience. Therefore they stay very general therefore they put a kind of very general piece of content out and as you're explaining if we're not solving a specific problem for a specific person nobody is going to take up the offering. So we've got to really focus on who we're helping. And if you think I can help everybody you're wrong because it doesn't matter. People don't see themselves as being in a big bucket like that. So we've got to get specific. But you just mentioned another important point I want to delineate for people between these pieces of technology particularly for people that are moving into this for perhaps the first time to understand where one thing stops and another thing starts. So the beautiful thing about the Tenix probe so we can set up pages simple campaigns capture the lead. But in terms of the CRM the customer relationship management the e mailing tool that's going to deliver the content that is a separate thing to 10xpro. So just explain for people in terms of the difference here and what one thing does and what the other thing does so that people understand where the line is

00:28:28:10 - 00:30:09:15
John: Absolutely absolutely. It's a great question. It's a very important question and it's a mistake I see people make a lot online unfortunately they fall into. They make a mistake they listen to a ton of different people and obviously we have good marketers out there promoting different systems. The most important thing in your online business is your email list. If everything falls apart if you lose everything if you do have your e-mail list if you have your own audience you can be back on your feet in a matter of days. Why. Because you're just letting them know hey I'm just creating this other product that's going to help you with this. Now you'll have a way to reach people out is the most important thing and we build 10xpro in purpose in the way we built it is that it works perfectly. Were your e-mailing systems ought to be put out there. Build platforms where you are need to put your e-mail leads your subscribers into their own platform. I will never do that. I would never advise anybody to do that. I don't want you to put your e-mail subscribers into 10x pro and you never have to do it because that would be a huge mistake because you always want to be in control of your investing system. You need to be separate that any other marketing thing that you do because like I said if anything false you always have your e-mail list. So the two most important assets that you have in your online business your e-mail and this is number one your content is number two. So when we started with 10xpro we were working with high level clients that wanted to have the different campaigns set up for them.

00:30:09:17 - 00:31:48:01
John: Of course everything that we did all the tools that we developed all the advance automation everything that we did it needed to work with their own emailing system. So from the ground up it was built that way. Right. So an emailing system if you have never used one is basically just a service that you use online that will allow you to start accumulating e-mail subscribers so whenever someone joins our e-mail list when we talk about joining your emails that means that they are now going to be in that separate system. This is the emailing system should do to a couple of things. It should allow you to send out an e-mail to them whenever you want. This is what we call a broadcast e-mail. You select your contacts let's say I want to send you an e-mail now I select them I write my e-mail and I sent a broadcast e-mail system should allow you to set up e-mails to go out on a specific date on autopilot. This is what we call an e-mail campaign where you add them to the campaign. The e-mails are maybe schedule based on some triggers and those e-mails are going out on a specific date. Maybe for example right then the first thing that you your e-mailing system should do is allow you to segment those contacts because like you said you don't want to have the same message to everybody or you don't want to promote the same thing to everybody right. You want to be able to segment your audience you want to be able to follow up with them in different ways based on what they do. For example if someone goes to my sales page and then we click on the button and end on the order page and that's more powerful than someone who maybe got my e-mail but didn't even click on the e-mail and didn't even land on sales page these are two types of people.

00:31:48:04 - 00:32:28:12
John: Right. One almost made the sale do you on the one didn't even click on my email list on my email. Two different kinds of people and we've done we a different e-mail systems that we work with. We've been explore. Then you will be able to do that. You'll be able to know OK those guys have done that I could maybe send this e-mail to that guy but another e-mail to that other guy. Different messages to let them know about your product or to continue to provide value. Maybe they didn't want to buy right now which is absolutely fine. Most people wont but because you have those subscribers in your e-mail system you are able to do different campaigns. So that is basically what the e-mail system does.

00:32:28:14 - 00:34:24:28
Paul: I'll return to my conversation with John Lindh in just a moment but first I want to talk to you about your marketing about what you are doing to enhance your marketing while in isolation. The reality is that many business owners struggle to find the time to work on their marketing consistently. But one of the benefits that this crisis has given us one of the silver linings to this dark cloud is the gift of time time to actually focus and get your marketing run. The reality is we've gone into an unexpected pandemic a period of crisis that none of us could have anticipated but we will come out of that. And what's important is that you are ready to emerge triumphant that you come out with your marketing ready locked and loaded to take advantage of the new economy. So if you want to make sure that your marketing is in place intact and is ready to start attracting more clients then I invite you to join me for my next twelve week marketing makeover program to make sure that any business owner who wants to work on their marketing can afford to do so with a special exclusive where we have slashed 70 percent off the normal pricing. So that means that you can get to work on your marketing as a good mentor of mine said Never waste a crisis. The last thing you want to do is come out of this crisis and still not have your marketing ready to go. So if you want to take advantage of the special offer that closes on Tuesday 28th of April. Then you need to go to today and register for the next 12 week marketing makeover for around the price of a small cappuccino a day the ones that we're probably not drinking anymore because we're staying at home. You can absolutely transform your marketing messaging. We'll work on your message your materials and your methods to market. I'll be your guide every step of the way. So simply go to and register for the next 12 week marketing makeover. And let me help you to transform your marketing.

00:34:25:00 - 00:34:41:01
Paul: We've talked about attracting we talked about capturing and how we capture that data. So in terms of moving to a logical first sale point where we're going to offer somebody. What would your recommendations be for people who are getting started. What would be a our starting point.

00:34:41:06 - 00:35:51:16
John: The most important thing is to keep it simple because unfortunately a lot of people out there may start listening to different marketers and they're going to tell you about these final and that thing. And you know it is going to be overwhelming complicated all of that. We are all about finals week creates a very advanced finals very advanced marketing campaigns. Right. But if you're starting out you don't have to do any of that. Right. Just keep it simple. Have it sales pitch where you present what you have for your. You make an offer. You describe what a product is. You tell them why it's is going to help them. These are called the benefits. Why should they get it. Because they are going to be able to sort that if you are going to learn these so you can get that result right so you busy. Explain what the benefits are. And then you let know what the next step is how can they get access to it. Simply click on the button below and then you'll be able to get access to it. Right. So keep it super simple. What I would do and that's what I recommend all my members the most important thing is to understand our audience. Right so you're attracting people with valuable content. You're building your emails. We have even more valuable content right. So now we join your news they want more from you. Great.

00:35:51:19 - 00:36:59:03
John: Find out exactly what is it that they want. And by the way some people ask me Well John I don't have an audience yet. How can I find out what they want. You find out by just participating in your market right. There are YouTube videos that blog post their podcasts. They are there's a ton of content out there. Our Tom communicates Luke add comments. Find a good youtube video. Read the comments. Some people are going to be saying Yeah but how do you do this. Oh I'm struggling with this. This is a goldmine for you too because now you see oh look at that they're struggling with is they don't know how to do this and you are probably an expert at that. So for you it's probably easy. Oh yeah I can how I can help them with that. That's easy. I could create something to help them with that. So pay attention to what people are saying online. That's the biggest step. And that's something that we all do all the time maybe go to some of your competitors Web sites right. Maybe all the guys that have online businesses and look at what they're doing. Right. What is it that they're selling. How are they building their e-mail. That's right. This is a goldmine of information. You will know well looks like they are offering a quick tip on how to do that.

00:36:59:08 - 00:38:34:10
John: OK. That means that people like Carly one that's right and we're not talking about copying we're talking about getting information finding what people want. Right. Reading the comments on blog post on Facebook groups participate in that community and the same thing goes with the next phase which is kind of a conversion before you create your program. Make sure that is going to be what I call an online course that will sell that will sell not just in online courses too because you feel like creating and sharing your knowledge now needs to be an online course that will sell. How do you know if it will sell. Well if people tell you hey we really are struggling with this we really would like to get this result. How can I get these results. I've been trying to do this but I'm not getting the results I want. You know I'm struggling with this. Great. Then if you create an online course that will answer those questions logically you you're going to have an awesome online course that those people will want. So whenever you're building your audience whenever you're growing that audience ask them Hey I'm thinking about trying a brand new course. Let me know what what is your biggest challenge. What what would you like to learn something about treating a ton of new videos for example right. What is your biggest challenge. What would you like to learn. And do you get a ton of ideas. You know they would send you a ton of of to ask you a ton of questions. Awesome. Then let's say you identify a specific topic maybe for example in my case let's say I get a ton of questions from people asking me how do I build my e-mail list. Great. So I could go out and say hey I've got a ton of questions about from people ask me how to build their e-mail list.

00:38:34:12 - 00:40:14:06
John: I'm thinking about training of course about how to build your e-mail list. Let me know. What are some of your top questions about how to build any of the e-mails whether you struggling with. Of course I'm going to get even more feedback about that about that specific topic right. My job as a information publisher as an expert is to gather those questions. And now I if I answer those questions I'm pretty much creating the perfect course for them. So I'm building that course with their input. So the only thing I need to do is like again keeping it very simple. Create the first part of that course. You don't need to create the entire thing because you can actually create on the fly meaning that you can create a few more lessons as you deliver the course. Right. But let's say I have the first part of the course created I can now go out there and I can do a very simple what we call a sales page which is at the very basic level headline video and a button right or headline text and a button. Right. What I need to do is to let them know that I have this new program. This is what it is. This is what he will do for you. This is how you can get access to it. That's the only thing I need to do. Right. So I can do it on a video if if you're confortable doing videos or you can do it in a text format. As long as my course I know that is going to solve a problem that they told me that they have what I really found out that they have and this is the audience I'm talking to and logically some of them will buy especially if they are currently buying something out there because that's that's another team by the way. Don't try to create a course or something that you have never seen being sold online.

00:40:14:08 - 00:41:25:20
John: That would be the biggest mistake. You don't want to be a pioneer. You want to make sure that other people have been successful with this before. For example if I build a course about how to build your e-mails I know that there's a ton of people selling that kind of course and this tells me that oh that's a good thing. That means that they're probably making money with that. It's probably going to work great. So now I'm removing the risk but I'm listening to my audience my own audience without telling me specifically what they want. So now I can create that awesome online course or that program or that coaching program doesn't have to be of course but now I can create that specific program specific offer that's going to be targeted to them. And then the only thing I need to do is to make that offer. What I like to do is to have a limited time offer because it's always important to have a real reason to buy now. And one of the best ways to do it is to have a limited time offer. I like to do that. And if this is the first time you create that course or that program it's a perfect way to have a limited time offer meaning that your offer is not going to be available all the time. You can let them know that a piece is going to be available from that day to that day. The reason I'm doing this.

00:41:25:22 - 00:42:02:00
John: The reason is limited is because you are starting to class on that day. Right. We're starting to class next week and I want to make sure that I take care of everybody. I want to make sure I customize a course I customize experience I create extra videos as you go through the program and that gives you a very powerful campaign. It's a very basic campaign. Like I said three pages sales page order Page thank you page and you only if you need to do is to send them e-mails maybe one e-mail every day for four days for folio e-mails letting them know I just created this course for you. Here's what it is. Click here to find out more. And when you click they go to sales page

00:42:02:12 - 00:42:57:22
Paul: Well that's a great great overview of the process. John and to pick up on a couple of important points I want to just back over a little bit one you know that it's so important for us to validate an idea rather than just simply create our own passion point. We're excited by this and I'm going to put that out. That's the wrong reason to put it out. So we've got to validate that somebody actually wants it. One of the things we teach and so the marketers club is this idea of sell it first build it second don't go building this whole mammoth thing only to find out that nobody actually wanted it. So we can be a bit more nimble. And so I don't have to be overwhelmed by building at all. And that's one of the great things that that your wonderful tool does is it allows people to do so many things so easily because once you're inside there's so many templates and processes but also you're incredibly generous with your training and the way you walk people through the whole components and how you do each phase of it.

00:42:57:27 - 00:44:05:21
Paul: You have a great support team a real support site. So when you call things you know that they are there so you know on all of those levels that it's providing the framework for people to have success. And I suspect that more and more people are going to be as we wake up into this new world and we need more and more people are discovering online. They're being forced online perhaps for the first time and now they're gone. It's not so scary and it's not so bad but I need the mechanics the tools to do it. And as a person who's been marketing for a long time know I went through probably a very common journey where I had all these different tools and all these things and tech wasn't my thing and I had lots of headaches and lots of things trying to talk to each other and I was so excited when I found an Explorer because it eliminated so many of those stress points for me. But you've really created a really clear picture for us. So before we wrap up I know that you've got a busy schedule because you've got a lot more people trying to climb oboard and get into the program and online. So I appreciate you making the time. But any last thoughts ideas tips for people? Particularly for people who are perhaps moving into this space for the very first time.

00:44:05:25 - 00:45:41:29
John: Yeah you're going to be discovering a ton of new things. Maybe some of the words that I said today did not make sense. It's normal. It's you know we call it online business. This is a business. I know that the cost eventually is lower compared to for example you were a real retail business where you need to buy spend a ton of money on rent furniture all of that but it's still a business. And that's one of the important things to remember. Meaning that we need to be serious about it. We need to learn a few things we need to do things step by step and only focus on the next step maybe everything we talked about today you might seem like how. How can I do everything. You will be able to do it step by step by only focusing on the next step. Okay. So don't focus too much on. Oh my God I need to do all of these things. The process is simple. The tool is there you have everything that you need with 10XPro. That's why we call it 10 is speed pro is become a professional. Right. You will get all the tools that you need. That does not mean that you need to learn all of the tools that we have available is pretty much impossible. We cater from guys starting out two guys who are doing seven figures online very advanced. My business online business as you certainly do not need to learn everything. Just focus on the next thing. What is the next most important thing. If the most important thing is to create your first offer and identify what is it that you then do that spend time doing that. If you're the next step is to create those first couple of videos for your course.

00:45:42:02 - 00:46:43:07
John: Then just do that. You know maybe it's about building your list. Great. Just do that. You know you will have everything that you need in 10Xpro so everything we talked about a membership site where everything is protected so members can log in and go through your course. It's there accepting payments online in the order page I mentioned where you just need to select your stripe account which is a system that we use to accept payment and credit card payments online. Super easy. You can set it up. And again it's your account. The money goes to your account. We don't take a commission we don't interfere. The money goes straight into your accounts. We simply connect with your accounts and allow you with the tools to be able to accept payments right. Or you want to use Paypal. Totally fine. But now you are accepting payments online. Right. If the next step is to create that sales video or whatever then focus on that and then little by little you will see that you are getting traction. You'll see that the that things are in place but the beautiful thing with an online business that wants things are in place and that's what we all love it.

00:46:43:09 - 00:48:04:08
John: Things are running on autopilot. Once the sales pitch is done that it you don't have to do it again the next day wants to get the course is there. It's set up in 10xpro. Everything works on autopilot meaning that when someone buys they will automatically get their logging details in the system takes care of all of that and then we can simply log in and go through the course. If that's something that you want to do so the only thing that you need to do moving forward is to engage with your audience and to try to attract more people which is what I'm doing now you know. Or you'll need to do something like that. So the most important thing out of all of that is to keep it simple. Don't get overwhelmed by everything. Stop listening to a ton of different people or just say Okay I need to do that. Let's just do that. Let's get some results. And if he doesn't work out that's OK. It's part of life. Some of the things would work. Some things will not work. But that's ok you just get back on it. Try something else maybe tweak your speech tweak your messages. If not many people are joining your list. Well find out why. Is it because I'm not offering something that we really want. Then go back out there find that tweak it and that's the awesome thing we've been on in business. You can easily do that very fast rather than spending weeks. It's very easy to change things around so don't get overwhelmed. Do it step by step and you'll get there.

00:48:04:10 - 00:49:15:21
Paul: Thanks John. That's great advice. We'll be providing all the links for 10xpro and giving people the opportunity to dive in. You have intro offers and the way for people to trial and test get in and figure their way out. But certainly as somebody who's been a marketer for 15 years done lots of courses and programs that are delivered online and off line it's certainly got my stamp of approval as one of the easiest platform for people whether I'm a more advanced as as I am or starting from the beginning. It doesn't matter whether you're a tech genius or a tech is not your thing like me but you can still have success there. So I just thank you for the tool and I thank you personally because you're always there every week. And so yeah as a user for us you provide advice so we can have access to you get on and have a chat with you once a week and talk about kind of higher level things that we're trying to achieve and that you are gracious enough to make yourself available to do that which I think is in and of itself also unusual for a founder to be making themselves available so thank you also for doing that.

00:49:16:14 - 00:50:43:14
John: Yeah no worries. Like you said. I'm live online every single week doing members only calls. So if you have any questions about business strategy marketing or 10xPro you can always we do those calls and it's fun and you know a lot of people are participating. I love doing that. I also do strategy sessions one on one so whenever you come on board then and you want to talk to me about your business about your plans or maybe you want to me to review some stuff and we do sessions like this one on one. Totally cool. And of course you know the team is always there as you talked about that the support team is amazing. That's one of the big reasons people are switching to us you know because when our team you can contact them via email of course but also the alive chat whenever they are online and whenever they are online which is pretty much 24/7 unless we are eating and having lunch of course but it's a real human being is not a robot like you've seen all the platforms where you know you send your question and we say OK great here's a good article in the knowledge base we don't do that whenever you're talking to someone you're talking to a real human being who is there to help you out who will guide you on your Web site. And that's one of the biggest reasons why people are actually switching to us so we try to do as much as possible. We definitely try to be different from other people and I try to do these extra things to help out and make sure that we can connect. I can see what you're doing and if I can help you of any help then I'm there for members.

00:50:43:19 - 00:51:01:12
Paul: Well I think you know we always talk about one of the smart things you can do to grow a business is to model the kind of the success or the processes that you see people applying and I think you present a great model for all of us to keep improving our businesses. So thanks again for taking the time to join us today.

00:51:01:14 - 00:51:02:03
John: Thank you very much.

00:51:02:08 - 00:51:40:06
Paul: So I hope you enjoyed that conversation with John Lint. I think there's no doubt that the world is going to be a very different place even when we recover from this pandemic from the covid19 from the restrictions when we get back to something close to life as normal. I think there's certainly going to be a lot of changes that people experience and I think that moving more online is just going to be one of those things because there's a lot of fears and barriers that are getting broken and more and more people are learning about how to do this and I think it's only going to continue to increase so I think it's very important that we all look to diversify and grow our online elements of our business.

00:51:40:08 - 00:52:14:21
Paul: So if you want to check out 10xpro just simply go to you'll see a link there to 10x pro where you can when you click on the link be taken to a page where you have the opportunity to do a one dollar trial for 30 days you'll be able to test it out for yourself for 30 days and if it's not for you you can stop right there and and and get a full refund of your one dollar but that's your only commitment you needed to make to do a full 30 day trial. So simply go to the page to take advantage of that opportunity.

00:52:14:23 - 00:52:45:12
Paul: We're all going to need to keep learning growing and pivoting and I think certainly from my point of view that 10xpro has been an absolute game changer in my business and I'm certain that if you want to grow the online aspects of your business that it will be a great tool for you to be able to use as well. So I also wanted to say thank you to all of the people that continue to subscribe to the program. Of course if you haven't subscribed yet please do it and make sure that you don't miss any episodes or any of the special releases that we have coming your way.

00:52:45:17 - 00:54:15:00
Paul: For those who've taken the time to write a review it helps the program a lot and to share the program with others we've been enjoying great growth of the podcast. I thank you so much for sharing it. And I was trying to think of a way that I could express to you my gratitude and also how much I care for you and your well-being. As business owners the podcast is one of my ways of expressing my genuine care of trying to support anyone who runs a business and I know that it's tough times. Many of you may know that I was a musician in a former life spent about ten years of my life in a rock band but I'm not going to subject you to any of my dulcet tones I promised you at the start of the show. A bit of a musical interlude at the end so I've asked someone who's far more talented than me to do that and that's my daughter Lily. So she was the one of my children that got the singing Gene and she has now graduated high school gone on to university. But when she finished her VCE. She was one of only a couple of kids in the state of Victoria to get a perfect 50 for music performance so the kid can sing, but I asked her to choose a song that could help reflect the way that I'm feeling which is that I just want to let you know that I'm here for you. That I really care for you. So instead of finishing with our traditional outro we're gonna leave today with a song from Lily. So wish you all the very very best of luck with your businesses. But much more importantly with your lives until next time I'll leave you with my daughter Lily.

If you want to learn more about John Lint and 10XPRO you'll find everything you need on the website HERE
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