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How to Eliminate Excuses and Generate Results with Paul McCarthy.
Marketers Club founder Paul McCarthy shares the secrets to becoming a real action taker and how to build positive momentum in your business. If you want to start achieving more of your goals and generating rapid results, this episode offers you the shot in the arm you need to move from aiming to do it, to getting it done. 
#1 How to Eliminate Excuses and Generate Results
Discover how to build real momentum in your business.
Episode #1 Running time 18:21.
Show Notes:

Welcome to the marketers club podcast.

I'm your host Paul McCarthy and this is episode number one.

I'm here to help you. Press go on your business dreams and to show you how to create habits momentum and income that you want in this episode. We're going to talk about what you can do to create faster results and build positive momentum in your business. We'll explore how to break through procrastination, eliminate excuses and put your business on the fast track to success.

Hey it's your business people so take ownership of your dream.

Let's do this. Welcome to the marketers club podcast. The show all about you helping you work smarter, earn more and accelerate your success and now here's your host Paul McCarthy. So welcome to the show.

I'm thrilled you could join me. And today I wanted to talk to you about how we can start to build more positive momentum in your business. Now when we think about momentum we typically think about it as this process of getting on a roll moving positively forward towards something that we want to achieve. But the reality is that momentum can be both a positive or a negative. We can be moving in the direction that we want to go and feeling like it's all working. But sometimes we can experience a negative momentum where it feels a bit more like we're in a car and stuck in the mud and the more that we spinning our wheels the deeper we go.

And typically we call that you know being stuck in a rut and everybody who's runs a business has felt that way before where there's a lack of movement. And the more you try the deeper it seems to go that you fall into this hole. So if you might be right there right now you might have found yourself in a place where you don't feel like you're making the progress that you hoped that you're not moving forward as quickly as you would like and that you are doing things but you're not getting the rewards that you were hoping for.

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So if you're there what can we do about that how do we get positive momentum going in your business. Well I think the first thing we have to do is that we have to tackle the excuses. And I know that that can be a scary idea. And it's a scary for all of us to to have to take these things on. But I think that that's where we start to build momentum is by addressing and tackling those big issues that are right in front of us those things where we've been making excuses and we need to stop defending these things and start to tackle them head on.

If we want to break through this spinning wheel process and really get our businesses driving forward. So I was really fortunate when I started my entrepreneurial journey to to have a fantastic and very significant mentor in my life and that is a person who is still a significant mentor to me today and that is my father in law. You know my father in law was out of home at the age of 13 his parents were alcoholics and he went into a foster family and he put a deposit on his first piece of land at the age of 14 paying it off with chemistry rounds and paper rounds and the apprenticeship that he had started.

He convinced his foster father to sign the paperwork and he found himself as a property owner at the age of 14. He went on to represent Australia in the Olympics winning a silver medal and he won two Commonwealth gold medals and he was a millionaire by the time he'd reached the age of 30. He's been an amazing mentor to me. But let me just share just one of the really salient pieces of advice he's given me. He said Paul you can have excuses or you can have results you just can't have them both.

You have to choose now when he told me as a young man I don't think I really understood fully what that meant. But as I've got older and matured and the more time I spent working with entrepreneurs over the past 15 years I found a lot of people who spend a lot of time and energy defending their excuses. Now the truth is that we can all fall into the trap of defending our excuses and trying to justify to ourselves and to others while we're not getting done the things we know that we really need to do.

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And I'm certainly guilty of falling into that trap. In fact I'd really need to make a confession right here right now in this first episode a few minutes in with you that when it comes to this podcast. You know producing a podcast has been something that I've wanted to do for some time it's been on my to do list for a while and I finally got down to getting it done and stop making excuses for why I couldn't get to it.

But I'm a little embarrassed to admit you know as I went back and I started reflecting on my notes and preparing to record this for you that I was struck by a date that I saw on one of the notes that I'd made in the folder and the date was two thousand and seventeen. So as I record this today it's the middle of 2019. So we it's taken me two years to get around to recording this program and so I have been guilty of procrastinating when it comes to getting this done in I've allowed it to shuffle around and not become the priority I wanted it to be.

And so that was something that I've been wrestling with. So I am absolutely thrilled it's somewhat cathartic experience for me to be sharing this with you today because this has been something that I wanted to get done but I suspect those things in your world in your business right now that you want to get done to things that have been on your To Do list for just too long. Things that you know need to be a priority but that you haven't taken the time to really put your energy and focus into them.

And perhaps it's time now to take those things off the backburner to get serious and get going with them. You know it was the the great Jim Rohn who is a brilliant business philosopher and speaker who said you know listen to me carefully but don't watch me too close you know like you. I am just a business owner who is trying to build a business and I will work hard to support the clients that I work with and deliver as much of value as I possibly can.

But I am as fallible as any entrepreneur out there. I am still learning. I still make mistakes. I still procrastinate. I still make excuses for things that I know I need to do. So I'm on this journey with you and I want to keep sharing with you ideas, strategies, and introduce you to experts and other specials who can help you to drive your business. So we're going to learn together we're on this journey together and that's the reality of entrepreneurship. We're all on the same journey. And the more we collaborate and help each other the faster we can go.

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And really Today's episode is about helping you to get things moving and to really accelerate your progress. So let's talk about how you can start to build some more positive momentum in your business. I think the first step is that we have to identify the result that you want. You know there's a lot of entrepreneurs that are what I call in motion but they're not moving. You know you imagine you're a jockey in a horse race and all the horses are lined up in the gates and the gates burst open and all of the other horses tear away and you look down and you're on a rocking horse.

You know you kind of really rock and hard but you're just not going anywhere. And for a lot of people that's how business can feel it's like they're in motion without moving they're doing the hard work but they're just not making the progress that they want. So I think you know if we want to start getting results we've got to start focusing on why where we want to go. You know if you've done away you're going any road will do. And I think that's one of the challenges we're not clear on the results that we're trying to produce. Now I encourage all of my members and clients that I work with to set the target first.

You know a lot of entrepreneurs get to the end of the financial year as we've just closed out as we are in the middle of 2019 or they use a calendar year and they get to the end of that and they look. And as I go what's happened what I suggest is that you've got to start with the target. What is the result that you were going for. Set the target first. If you just wake up every day you go to business you turn it on and you just see what happens then you kind of just get left with whatever comes at you. But if you want to be in control if you want to drive the momentum of your business it starts with you setting the target what is the result that you're after.

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I mean do you want to win a new client every day. Do you want to win a new client every week. Do you want to win a new client every month. How many do you want. So what result are you after and if you're not clear about that. It's gonna be really hard to hit that target. So I think you know the first step to creating positive momentum is for us to really get clear about the result that we're after. You know is it a six figure income that you want to achieve. Is it a seven figure income.

Do you want to have your first 10,000 dollar month 20,000 dollar 50,000 100,000. What is the result that you're after. Stephen Covey reminded us in seven habits. We have to start with the end in mind. We begin our journey by getting clear on the result that we want to produce not really just simply going through the motions of driving a business and hoping that there's something there at the end for us. So if you're not clear on what that result is for you you'll understand why you're perhaps not moving purposely towards it.

So what is it. You make a note of what that is what are you after specifically what do you want to get in the clearer you get on that the easier it will become to start moving in that direction. Once you're clear on what result you're going for then you can start to think about the action that is going to be required to get you there. What are you going to need to do you think the question is if you look at your actions today are they in alignment with what you are hoping to achieve and this is part of the problem for a lot of small business owners.

The things they're doing are not moving them in the direction they want to go so that's a first step. We've got to get clear on where we want to go. And now we've got to get the actions aligned with that outcome. We've got to get very specific about the task. The things that we're going to do that are going to move us in that direction. Maybe we need to launch a program, start a website, whatever is that action that's going to help you create the result that you've now identified you want to hit. That's what gets us moving and the actions that we take and the results that we produce flow primarily from our state of mind the way we think about what it is that we're going to do.

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The way you think about how you're going to tackle those challenges you know years ago I used to run a call centre I had about 50 telemarketers making all the annoying sorts of phone calls selling all sorts of products and programs. And you know I would I would set the target for these guys as I go. The result I want is I want two sales every hour. Now the action that you're going to take to achieve that is going to make at least 20 calls an hour and then you sit back and you watch what happens.

And they pick up the phone and say Hi I got something to tell you about no okay...

Hi. I've got something to tell you that no. Okay. Hi. I've got something to tell you about. No. Okay. 

You know in a four hour shift it wasn't unusual for me to have some people that would sell 14 pieces while others would sell zero, nilche, nada nothing. Now they're sitting at the same desks with the same funds reading the same script selling the same product at the same time to the same suburb. The only thing that changed was their state of mind the way they thought about the actions that they had to do and therefore that impacted massively on their ability to produce the result they want.

And it was Victor Frankl who wrote the incredible book Man's Search for Meaning he survived the death camps of Nazi Germany through the Second World War. Auschwitz and Dachau. And he came out of that experience and he wrote this amazing book and he said you know the people who survived that horrific event were the ones with a big enough why. Their drive to stay alive was so compelling that they could get through even that horrific event. So I mean the reality for us as business owners is we are going to be tested.

We're going to be challenged. We're going to hit barriers, roadblocks, problems. And it's gonna test our resolve and we're going to have to know what our why is how strong is our why. So that that will lead us to take the actions that we know are required to create the results that we want. But if you're blurry on your results and therefore not clear on the action that needs to be taken that your state of mind can become wobbly and you can start to lose faith in yourself and lose focus on what you need to be doing.

So if we get clear if we have clarity of our why and it's strong enough and I know you know when I started off the back of being a poor musician and began in business that I had a really clear why and I always talk about my why I came with three names Maggie Lily and Ned my three kids. I was so determined to make sure that I could provide for them the quality of life that I wanted to be able to deliver. So that gave me a real drive to create a business and make sure that it was delivering the results it needed to for my family.

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What is it for you. What's your why. What is it that inspires you gets you to wake up early and get out and make things happen, to maybe make a different local phone call, to make sure that you follow up and persist. These wise other things that drive us and ensure our business success. But ultimately you know this all flows from one thing and that is the decisions that you make. And one of the most common decisions people make is I'll give that a try.

The problem with the word try is that it already has the failure built in there for you. If I said you know try and pause this program, I mean you either pause it or you don't, you do or you don't. There is no try. You know in the in the words of the famous philosopher Yoda, do or do not there is no try. This is about what you will do not what you are going to try and do you know if we can eliminate this idea of trying to do things and get committed to the things that we know we have to do it is not about what you should do.

Because when you talk in should's you are often talking about somebody else's frame of reference. What other people think you need to be doing. You know we should eat healthier. We should exercise more. You know we understand these things. But you know in the end of the day if keep, should, should, should all you do is end up shoulding all over yourself and you don't get to the things that you need to focus on. What is it that you will do. What are the things you must do. What are you compelled to do. Because you want to create that result.

And when you know what that stuff is when you're really clear now you've got the energy and the drive and the clarity to stop pushing in one direction and get super motivated to start making things happen in your business that you want. And that's what it's going to take to really build the positive momentum in your business. So I want to say a huge thank you for joining me for episode one of the marketers club podcast it's been an absolute joy for me to put this show together for you.

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I'm thrilled to finally be able to deliver it. I absolutely appreciate you and I truly admire you it takes a lot of courage to build a business and I'm here to serve you to help you to better market your talents so that you can earn what you are worth and ultimately make more of a difference in the world. Now my intention is to deliver some solo shows like this one as well as I have invited a number of awesome guests on to share their insights to help you to accelerate your success.

So I would love it if you would take the time to subscribe to the program to make sure that you are the first notified of each new episode which I will be delivering every week for you. From now on. So thank you for listening. I look forward to receiving your comments your thoughts and if you have any questions please share them with me because I'm here to serve you and help you to grow a better business. So again thank you so much for joining me and I wish you every success with your business. But much more importantly with your lives to care for now I'll talk to you again soon.

Keep rocking Cheers.

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