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Hi, I'm Paul McCarthy! Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey I'm here to help you overcome the obstacles and accelerate your success.
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Raie and Jamie Lyth
Our marketing mindset shifted 180°. By applying what we have learnt, we doubled both our average order size and number of sales. Your program has been, without doubt, the single best investment we have made in the growth of our business.
Julia Surtees
The impact you've had on our business is beyond words. From being frustrated, tired and ready to throw in the towel, to focused, energised and importantly making money. Bookings are flowing in like never before. I am so grateful we found you.  
Lorenzo Capitanio
 After five years of hard work I realised nothing was changing. I needed help! Within four months of joining your program, revenues jumped over 34%. Not only is the business making more money, I am finally creating the life I’ve always wanted.
Mark Bloodworth
Paul, what you taught me about marketing has completely transformed my business. Today I am attracting more clients, for higher fees than I ever dreamed possible. You are simply the best in the business. 
Valerie De Silva
In my opinion Paul is the best marketing mentor in this country. Thanks to his guidance I have been able to create marketing tools and campaigns that have helped me win lots of high value clients. My only regret is I didn’t find him earlier. 
Donna Hanson

TRIPLED our business profit in the first MONTH. I know there is no such thing as a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme…but becoming part of your program is the best investment I have made in developing my expertise and increasing profits.

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"Business only has two primary purposes, Marketing and Innovation, everything else is details."

Peter Drucker
If you want to know how to Increase Your Sales, Grow Your Business and Claim Your Expert Position, the answer is simply. Become a Better Marketer!

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Paul McCarthy is an award winning speaker who has educated over 327,000+ entrpreneurs in the past 17 years. Recognised as one of Australia's leading Customer Centric Marketing Specialist Paul's proven strategies have helped transform the fortunes of thousands of business owners.